Published in the Stampers’ Sampler!!!

What a great surprise awaited me in the mailbox today! I found an issue of the Stampers’ Sampler and when I opened it up expecting to find my ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on one of the pages, I find an article 3 pages long!

I really was taken aback, they did a wonderful job photographing it too. I have the banner hanging on my fireplace mantel for Memorial Day and the Fourth. But that wasn’t all, I skimmed through the rest of the magazine, because that’s what I always do first, and there on another page were two more pieces I had submitted for their Tempting Template call. I submitted two cards made using their template. Inside of these is an altered teabag, with a vintage photo of both Chamomile, and Earl Gray. This was a fun template to design around. Check out the Stampers’ Sampler if you get a chance to. And be sure to look for the next issue as I am very honored to be the featured guest artist. It was a lot of fun to answer the interview questions:-) It is an indescribable feeling to look through these magazines that I have been reading for some time and see my work. And to think, I wouldn’t have dreamed of submitting work without the wonderful support of the online art community.


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  1. Pam… congrats!! back at ya!! Great banner. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog regarding my pieces in BAJ. Keep creating your beautiful pieces.Diana

  2. Yippee! It looks awesome! (Geez, I’m dying to call you Linda now…) You totally deserve all this recognition and acclaim. What do you think your book will be about? That’s next, right? Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I definitely see “published author” in your future! I’m finally back in blogland. The family is (knock on wood) relatively healthy right now and my major projects are out the door. Phew! This means that I was finally able to address the tagging! Thank you for tagging me, and I’ve passed it on to six more. A question, though – is anything uninteresting? I love reading these little info snippets that people post!Oh, geez – I’ve written a novel here…xoxoxoLAB

  3. You deserve it!! Your a very talented artist and I’m glad you are being recognized as such! You go girl! -Shonna

  4. Pam!! They’re both beautiful!!!! And what a wonderful surprise to have such a big feature too! I’m so happy for you ~ congratulations sweetie! xxoo, Dawn

  5. WOWI ZOWIE!!!!!! You go girl!! How deserving you are and how wonderful that they know how to spot talent! :-)Many hugs,and doing the happy dance with you. I shall eat chocolate in your honor! Gail

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