I am officially an Army Mom!

Well, as of this evening, I am officially an army mom! Christopher is tucked away in a hotel with other recruits awaiting a trip to Fort Benning in Georgia. I decided to share a few pics of my oldest boy, I guess I should start calling him a man, but he is and always will be my boy:-) The picture with the flag was taken at grandma’s house and you can see Justin on the left. I had to take this from my scrapbook, aren’t they just the cutest? The one on the lower left is from Christopher’s Jr ROTC banquet two years ago. How proud I was to attend on his arm! The last picture is one of his senior pictures, I can see the soldier in his face on this one. He has called twice from his room, it makes me feel good that he still needs his mom. I know he will be too busy for much more than getting through each day these next few weeks, but he says he will write all the time, I will remember the intent, though I don’t expect he will have time to follow through! Thanks for letting me share,

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  1. Chris, having spent three years as a “soldier,” I can tell you truthfully that it was an experience that I wouldn’t take a million dollars for. But at the time – there were days when I would’ve GIVEN a million to be a civilian again. Hang tough, don’t expect all things to make sense to you and let them make you into all you can be. They honestly do know how. Ol’ Grandpa, the MOzarker

  2. Hi Map! I finally figured out how to get to your site. It’s awesome! I am so proud of you! I am also the very proud aunt of your Army son!!! Cute pictures. Love you Sis!Tree 🙂

  3. Hi Pam.Your son is so handsome. My husband served 23 years in the AF, with 2 tours of war time duty, and my stepson is now in the Army, served 18 months in Iraq as a military MP. Yes, you should be very proud of him….but he is probably hating life right now in the first 3 weeks of basic! When he returns home from basic, he will be a changed young man.One that will make you very proud.BTW, Gail did a great job on blog banner!Hugs, SharonMy Vintage Studio

  4. What a handsome youg man..no wonder you’re proud…and I bet he’s just as proud of his beautiful mama. hugsg

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