I am officially an Army Mom!

Well, as of this evening, I am officially an army mom! Christopher is tucked away in a hotel with other recruits awaiting a trip to Fort Benning in Georgia. I decided to share a few pics of my oldest boy, I guess I should start calling him a man, but he is and always will be my boy:-) The picture with the flag was taken at grandma’s house and you can see Justin on the left. I had to take this from my scrapbook, aren’t they just the cutest? The one on the lower left is from Christopher’s Jr ROTC banquet two years ago. How proud I was to attend on his arm! The last picture is one of his senior pictures, I can see the soldier in his face on this one. He has called twice from his room, it makes me feel good that he still needs his mom. I know he will be too busy for much more than getting through each day these next few weeks, but he says he will write all the time, I will remember the intent, though I don’t expect he will have time to follow through! Thanks for letting me share,

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