Wear a Hat!

‘When you wear a hat, you become the dream that started when the hat was conceived. The original energy that was put into the hat doesn’t die; it only changes forms and owners.
The dream doesn’t die; it is passed on, sometimes from
generation to generation’.

This was done on a 14″x18″ stretched canvas. I used acrylics, stamps, transfers, ink, charcoal, water soluble crayon, and graphite to do this mixed media portrait. There is a lot of subtle detail in this piece, the hats hold collaged images of dreams that fill the women’s minds, and there are transferred images of birds in the background. I used molding paste for the foundation, so there is a lot of texture to the work. This is the largest piece I have done. I was worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to adequately fill the space, but I guess I didn’t
have to worry about that.

5 responses

  1. This is incredible! Love how the molding paste created such wonderful texture. It looks like there is so many hidden treasures within the portrait–you did a fantastic job!

  2. Pam, love your blog and your art work. I just saw what you did for Gail Schmidt and it’s fabulous…and then hasn’t she done a gorgeous banner for you?!

  3. Lovely! 🙂 I was in an antique store yesterday trying on hats. I LOVE them, but once they go on my head, look absolutely ridiculous. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone wore hats again?! Maybe then, I wouldn’t feel so silly!

  4. Oooooo Pam….You chose a great piece from Etta! It’s lovely!And I Love your response piece, very detailed, great colors, Fabulous!!!!

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