March Giveaway, Hard to Give!

Does anyone out there know how to get ahold of Blaiz? She won the drawing but does not allow access to her profile and so I can’t contact her, sniff, sniff. So, I will hold her prize awaiting her return and in the meantime I can’t wait to give something away so I drew another name! I will send a little surprise goodie bag to……………..DIANE! Woo-hoo!! Sooooo if you lovely ladies will please email me at with your address I will ship you your gifts!

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  1. Yay! I won your fantastic stuff! I just e-mailed you with my address. I didn’t know my profile was restricted, so I don’t know how to unrestrict it. LOL!My heart sank for a second when I started to read that you couldn’t wait, but then was again filled with excitement to read that you were giving [i]something else[/i] to Diane.Thanks so much!

  2. OMG…I am so excited!!! What a perfect end to my day. I spent most of my day breathing drywall dust and horrid primer fumes (finally finishing up a project that has been 6 years in progress). Thank you so much, Pam! An email with my addy is on the way. 😀

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