Springtime in MO

This is my lovely fountain that my husband was talked into (by me:-) for my birthday present last year. We put it in at the end of July, so I only added a few plants around it at that time. Now spring is here and I took off it’s cover and added water. Oh the sound of the water is sooooo wonderful! I added a pond and waterfall to my backyard a couple of years ago and just love the sound of the water. It is so refreshing and relaxing. I have a beautiful climatis that climbs the trellis and will all but cover the wall with green foliage and big purple blooms. (You can see the new growth just starting) This is the spot where we had an umbrella tree that was badly damaged in our terrible ice storm two winters ago. I took out all of the plantings and moved them to new locations and then added the pavers which match the stone on the front of our house. This spring, I want to plant some ground cover to grow in between them. I’m just itching to get my fingers dirty-lOl! I love playing in the dirt almost as much as playing with my paints. My son Justin, took these pictures, he is getting quite good with his photography. I will have him take some pictures of my pond and fish when our rainy weather goes away. My little boy, Reagan, was very excited that they got to do a “Duck and Cover” for real at school, when the tornado sirens sounded! Weather wise, it was a very exciting day in Springfield, MO.

All comments are read and greatly appreciated!

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