More Spring Inspired Goodies

Here are a few more spring inspired collages I just posted on etsy. I just loved this little sparrow image, and had to use him a few more times. Each piece in this series of three, has one image and one transfer of this sweet little bird. I love eggs, nests, and nature inspired art. I have hung these in an arrangement on my wall to photograph them and they look so pretty. How come I don’t have hardly any of my art hanging in my own home???? I need to work on this. It seems like I am so busy working on things to sell, or send in for publishing, or gifts for people, that I don’t just make things for our home. Oh well, for now I will enjoy them for a bit! Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. OH! Pam these are so beautiful I was astounded by the colour and depth. Thankyou for your comment in my blog and its just struck me how different in styles we both are yet I truly adore your art…You simply must check out Paulettes class it was funtriffic but as i did I think you will stray into your own world of inspiration very quickly. Im about to start the portrait class now this is going to test me. Im in love with your work in CPS too and cant wait to try it out then I will feel quite close to you ..Art is universal and unifying it reaches across the ocean and bonds us all. Cor that was deep coming from me LOL. bugsy hugsy smiles Michelle xo

  2. These are gorgeous Pam! You should keep these….I’m the same way, sell most all I make or give it away! xxoo, Dawn

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