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This is my latest 12×12 mixed media portrait. It is titled, “Take Care of the Sparrow”. My camera is not the greatest, so the depth of the background is hard to see. I think mommy needs a new digital camera for mother’s day-hint, hint! She has a nest in her hair (Michelle Ward stamp) complete with an egg. A little sparrow (transfered image courtesy of Dawn Edmondson) sits on her shoulder. Spring is in the air today, and it inspired me to finish this portrait. I even got to sit outside to do the shading. I was going for lighter springtime colors, which is a stretch for me since I loooove aging things. She is available for sale in my etsy store.

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  1. Too good!!! great work Pam Hint for a new camera and a new Big sized scanner too. I find the scanner great for getting your pictures to show depth in them and the details are really stunning no worries on lighting either and if its a thick canvas I put a towel over the top and down the sides to block out light from outside the scanner, works perfect smiles Michelle

  2. Oh Pam she is absolutely breathtaking!!!!! I too am drawn to those same elements and my color palette is shifting with this new season upon us. Now if I could just find the time to paint…I’ve got a little 6×6 painting I started sitting on my studio table right now that I’m longing to finish…especially now after seeing your newest pieces!!! Keep ’em coming girl!!! xo

  3. Pam, she is just beautiful!! I love her hair blowing and you know I love the bird and nest elements!!! Such a wonderful piece to post on the first day of Spring ~ Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter this weekend, xxoo, Dawn

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