It’s Almost Time!

It’s getting close to the time for the latest edition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors to come out. I’m very excited to see my first work published! Check it out and do the happy dance with me! I know that those of you who have been published before, will share the joy of that first time:-) Also, this past week I recieved some terrific news from Somerset. Stampers Sampler will be featuring a piece of my artwork in their June/July issue and…the really BIG news for me is that they will be featuring me as their guest artist in the August/Sept issue!!! I screamed so loud when I read the email that my DH almost had a heart attack! I submitted 5 pieces and they want me to create 5-6 more for the article. So I have been busy all day getting started. We are having a huge ice storm here and all the kiddos are home with school canceled, but we have power, and a warm fire burning in the fireplace and dinner cooking away in the crockpot so all is well at our house. Last year when we had the ice storm, I took advantage of the days without power to get my scrapbooking caught up. No lie, I did it by candle light! The pages didn’t look half bad when the lights came back on either!! I posted some new pics from the pieces I just finished on ZNE,so go and take a look if you want. I will write more about the upcoming publications when I know more. Thanks for sharing my joy. This was my goal for the year when I decided not to go back to work teaching art. I am so fortunate to have achieved it. It is so much more than I had hoped for . Happy winter day to you all!

All comments are read and greatly appreciated!

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