I’m being Published!!!

I just recieved an email from Cloth, Paper, Scissors, saying they want to feature my letter and 1 or more pieces of artwork in their March/April issue! I am doing the happy dance all over today! Mix that with Christmas Carols sung without a choir, and you have one happy, loud, girl dancing through my house today!!! I have one of the pieces I submitted already posted below, I’ll wait for the others until they are published. (it’s the one with the house and birdy, below)

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  1. wow, how great is that?!!! congrats on being published. one day i will work up the nerve to submit something. also, i used to live in st. charles missouri. i consider MO my home eventhough i had to move away from there four years ago. let’s stay in touch. are you going to art and soul this year?

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