New Stamp Line-Blog Hop Kick Off!






Boy, it’s been awhile since I posted; the end of the summer was a flurry of activity!! I’m very excited that one of those happenings was the release of my new stamp line by Stampington & Co!Product Logo




These are stamps designed for Art Journaling at the Speed of Life; because I know just how busy life can get! I asked some of my good art friends to try out my stamps and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with! Below is a new journal page spread I did with my new stamps and a couple of my Stencils


15 pcarriker stamps


Click on the above journal spread that I created for a FREE stepped out tutorial on how it was created!


*STAY TUNED: Every Thursday, a new artist will be posting his/her own project using my new stamp line (on their blog), and Stampington Place will include the link! Come back to discover these new projects and learn how to recreate them yourself:

Thursday Sept 5thSeth Apter − Link coming soon!

Thursday Sept 12thJen Cushman − Link coming soon!

Thursday Sept 19thMary Beth Shaw − Link coming soon!

Thursday Sept 26thDina Wakley − Link coming soon!

Thursday Oct 3rdTraci Bautista − Link coming soon!

Thursday Oct 10thChristen Olivarez − Link coming soon!



PanPastel and Stencils

I was playing with my PanPastels the other day when someone commented that they were glad to see ‘PamPastels’ again lol. So I decided to give them a go with one of my Face Map stencils from Stencil Girl Products and get  a little more video editing practice on my iMac. I shot this video at my worktable using the camera on the mac. This is not the way I shoot video for classes, I have a whole other set up for that, but it does make it easy to shoot a short video for youtube!


This is the finished piece of art, done on 9 x 12 watercolor paper that was prepped with a coat of gesso. It took less than 30 minutes total to create and with no dry time, save the two coats of pastel fixative at the end, it was easy to make with very few tools and no mess.


Here is the little video of the whole process

Gift of Instruction

Some of you have asked me about how to use the Face Map Stencils so I thought I’d give you a little demo on one of the ways you can use them.

Using a simple pencil you can trace through the stencil for the face guidelines. This is a great way to fearlessly practice your sketching, shading and drawing techniques.


Start with a light 4H lead and begin to add some cross hatching to the areas that need shading. This helps you to begin defining the planes of the face and determine where your highlights will be. It’s easy to change things when you start out light. NOTE: I went darker on the outlines so you would be able to see them in the photos, you would want to go much lighter.


Smudge out your shading with a blending stump. Stumps are great tools for drawing. They are cheap and will help you move the graphite around on the paper and soften the lines.


Add more cross hatching with softer leads, try a 2B


Blend this out with the stump as well, and continue on building tonal values in your work. Remove graphite as needed with a kneaded eraser.


You will want to have mostly mid tone values with a few very dark tones to emphasize the facial features.


Add hair and continue tweaking until you feel your drawing is finished. It’s amazing but even with starting from a stencil, each drawing will end up with different look and you can change up the features as you become more confident in your drawing skills.  The guidelines can be erased when you are finished.

Here are some other examples of using the stencils for both sketching and in journal work.

DSC01337DSC01323DSC01322DSC01292DSC01341Portraits in the Bag1


I was thrilled to have been sent a bunch of Dina Wakley’s super cool stamps from Stampington & C0. My instructions? Play with them!

So I played in a journal that was not finished, a class sample actually for may workshop at Art Unraveled a couple of years ago, “With One Palette” which was based off an article I did for Somerset Studios.

I’m sure many of you can relate to having partially finished pieces leftover from teaching or other art projects. They make a great starting point for journal pages! I keep a basket under my work table to keep all these potential works of art in.

I also keep the negative cutaways from other projects as they make a great and powerful statement on a journal page! I hope you’ll check out more images from this little journal and a little tutorial in this weeks issue of Post Script

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Girl In the Blue Room

Last week I happened to photograph this painting, ‘Girl in the Blue Room’ as I was working on it. It’s fun to look back and see how it progressed so I thought I’d share it with you~

Created on 9 x12 140lb hot press watercolor paper using water-soluble media and acrylics








Hope this gets you motivated to get into the studio and create today!