Monday’s Muse

I was cleaning up in my studio over the weekend and ran across a book of Modigliani’s work. I made the mistake of opening it and before you knew got out my sketch pad inspired by his work. So much for cleaning the rest of my studio!


I’ve been doing my daily sketches for quite awhile now, started off last year in my Moleskine but have switched over to the 9×12 Strathmore Visual Journal-100lb drawing paper. I like the larger size and the paper is wonderful for drawing.

I love the fluid bodies of Modigliani. They are so feminine and graceful. The discipline of sketching every day is just like exercising, flexing and using your muscles helps them to stay in shape. You can sketch anything, anywhere, so there’s really no excuse not to!

This was done a long time ago-I think it was a lesson in a drawing book maybe? I really should be better about dating/labeling. I have some sketches (thanks to my grandma who saved everything) from back in high school.  One of these days I think I might try to gather them all together into one portfolio so I can see the progress from then until now. I wish I’d had the foresight to keep all of them over the years. But, sketches can seem disposable a lot of the time I would sketch onto scraps of paper and not in a journal where it’s easy to keep them. Well there’s no going back to reclaim what’s lost but I can go forward and keep a better account.

Page Du Jour #29

I’m still working on today’s page, sometimes the words don’t come to me right off, so I’ll leave this out as I do other work and when the right ones come to mind I’ll add them in.

Here are some of the past few days pages that I finished while traveling. It really helps to prep several pages ahead and then you can travel with just a nice assortment of pens and have fun adding text and details while on the go!

I’m thinking of having the pages from this month made into a little book

By working on these faces every day, I’ve gotten pretty quick at my little draw/paint method for creating them which is key for journaling. I only use two colors of paint and my dauber bottles to paint them. A sketch can be turned into a ‘painting’ in about 5-10 minutes. This technique is part of what I’ll be teaching at Art and Soul.

I love looking through this journal and feeling motivated by the words on the pages. Using words that are meaningful to you is also key in journaling!

Page Du Jour #21

These words just seem so right with Thanksgiving coming up next week. We will offer prayers of thanks, eat-probably too much, and we will be surrounded by love from dear family. I wish the same for all of you along with some time for art squeezed in too.