New Line of 4×4 Mini Stencils & Giveaway-winners announced!

I’m so excited to share my newest line of stencils (yes I’ve been a busy girl!) from Stencil Girl Products with you!! I’m in love with these mini 4×4 stencils!! Not only are they cool for journaling prompts and textured backgrounds, they are sized to fit right inside your journal so you can use them on the go!! Just pop them into a Moleskine pocket or even add an envelope to a pocketless journal and away you go! More designs are on their way too so be sure to check out Stencil Girl Products for the latest releases! You can also click on any of these images to go directly to the mini’s page

Journal Sense Series

Journal Sense Hear 4x4_858

Journal Sense Direction 4x4_857

Journal Sense Voice 4x4_860

Journal  Sense Vision 4x4_859

Journal Prompts Series

Journal Prompt Face 4x4_853

Journal Prompt hand 4x4_854

Journal Prompt Pointer_855

Journal Sense Profile_856

Check out the mini 4×4 and even tinier 2×2

Journal Texture Series!!









Thank you for visiting this post, the winners have already been selected and notified.

New Stencil Designs!

Color Wheel Stencils are here!

Have you ever been working on a project and thought, I wish I had _____________? Well that is how my new line of stencils was born!

I was working on samples for workshops and drawing color wheels for the umpteenth time and I thought I really wish I had a stencil of these, not only are they handy for working out color palettes, they are such beautiful design elements to use in art journals and other projects. So after a talk with Mary Beth Shaw from Stencil Girl Products I went to work on some and now they are ready to go!

Just click on any of the stencil images and they will take you right to Stencil Girls website


Complementary 6 x 6

Here are some journal pages that I used the stencils on. I had a wonderful opportunity to share take them ( and a whole host of new designs) for a test drive with my students at Art Is You…Nashville this past weekend. I will be sharing more new designs in my line over the next few weeks.






Hue Tint Tone Shade 6 x 6


Hue Tint Tone Shade Outline 6 x 6


Primary Secondary Tertiary 6 x 6


Simple Color Wheels 9 x 12


Gift of Instruction

Some of you have asked me about how to use the Face Map Stencils so I thought I’d give you a little demo on one of the ways you can use them.

Using a simple pencil you can trace through the stencil for the face guidelines. This is a great way to fearlessly practice your sketching, shading and drawing techniques.


Start with a light 4H lead and begin to add some cross hatching to the areas that need shading. This helps you to begin defining the planes of the face and determine where your highlights will be. It’s easy to change things when you start out light. NOTE: I went darker on the outlines so you would be able to see them in the photos, you would want to go much lighter.


Smudge out your shading with a blending stump. Stumps are great tools for drawing. They are cheap and will help you move the graphite around on the paper and soften the lines.


Add more cross hatching with softer leads, try a 2B


Blend this out with the stump as well, and continue on building tonal values in your work. Remove graphite as needed with a kneaded eraser.


You will want to have mostly mid tone values with a few very dark tones to emphasize the facial features.


Add hair and continue tweaking until you feel your drawing is finished. It’s amazing but even with starting from a stencil, each drawing will end up with different look and you can change up the features as you become more confident in your drawing skills.  The guidelines can be erased when you are finished.

Here are some other examples of using the stencils for both sketching and in journal work.

DSC01337DSC01323DSC01322DSC01292DSC01341Portraits in the Bag1