Serena Barton Wabi-Sabi Book Blog Hop!

I’m particularly proud to bring this next book to your attention as I was fortunate to be with Serena when it was but an idea that longed to be written in book form. Seeing it go from idea to project to completion brings wonderful satisfaction and pride in my friend Serena Barton.


Meet my ‘little friend’ Serena (you have to come to Art Is You to sit in the special ‘little’ chair lol)

wabi sabi book

The book has seven chapters

1. Looking for Wabi-Sabi and Finding It All Around You
1. Patina of Time: Creating the Effects of Seasoning
3. Strata of Time:Creating Layers of Texture
4. Throw in the Towel: Working with the Unexpected
5. Abstraction from the Real: The Power of Suggestion
6. Translucence: Creating Wabi-Sabi in Wax
7. Buried Treasure: 3-D Wax Art and Other Enhancements

What is Wabi-Sabi you ask? wabi-sabi is the art of embracing imperfection. Perfect for any mixed-media artist! I decided to do a piece of wall art for my home  based off of one of the projects from this book. Here are the stepped out pictures of the progress~


I started off with our favorite brand of instant coffee


Large canvas prepped with airport approach plates for International destinations my hubby travels for work, impasto medium and gesso


Coffee applied to canvas per instructions in the book. I made two circles to echo two cups of coffee, one for my hubby and one for me


Some fibers and mica flakes added



Added some hints of Cobalt Teal


and some light glazes of color to warm it up a bit more.

I’m calling this piece ‘Airmocha’ as that’s a coined phrase my hubby and I use that combines my ‘Got Mocha’ and his ‘Air Flyer’ email addys from before we were married. Our anniversary is next week so this will commemorate our 14th year~

Here are all of the blog hop stops, I hope you’ll check out all of the cool inspiration this book has given us!

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Make sure to stop by Serena’s blog and leave a comment to be entered to win a piece of Serena’s artwork!

Try Something New

Today has been one of those busy summer days, spent getting packed to go on another adventure! I’ll be leaving Friday to spend 5 Days teaching in sunny CA and I’m looking forward to spending time with my art buddies, Lisa Bebi and Renee Richetts.

During my packing however, I picked up the last issue of Cloth Paper Scissors to add to my stash of airplane reading material. As I flipped through it Serena Barton’s Workshop article again caught my eye-this was something I wanted to try. I had the good fortune to meet Serena at Art & Soul via Lesley Riley and we are going to be roomies for Art Unraveled in August and I love her work!

What I loved about this article is that Serena didn’t use any pencil-no sketching-just paint to paper, building shadows and highlights and eventually adding details with a brush.

I worked off an image on the art info cards I had made up. I liked the idea of turning this statue like face into a real person. I practiced looking at the little image I was modeling my painting after more than at what I was doing on the paper and as I was only doing this on a piece of paper I really wasn’t worried with how it would turn out. It’s just for practice.

So following Serena’s tutorial I spent about a half hour working in little spurts between packing. I tried to work fast and step away to look at if from a distance. I really wasn’t concerned about the outcome, just wanted to play with the process.

I liked the process, it’s different from how I usually work. I learned some things I can incorporate into the way I already paint and most of all I found just a little time to create art today.