PanPastel and Stencils

I was playing with my PanPastels the other day when someone commented that they were glad to see ‘PamPastels’ again lol. So I decided to give them a go with one of my Face Map stencils from Stencil Girl Products and get  a little more video editing practice on my iMac. I shot this video at my worktable using the camera on the mac. This is not the way I shoot video for classes, I have a whole other set up for that, but it does make it easy to shoot a short video for youtube!


This is the finished piece of art, done on 9 x 12 watercolor paper that was prepped with a coat of gesso. It took less than 30 minutes total to create and with no dry time, save the two coats of pastel fixative at the end, it was easy to make with very few tools and no mess.


Here is the little video of the whole process

Welcoming 2013 with a New DVD Release Pre-Order!



Welcome 2013! I hope all of you had a peaceful entry into the New Year!

Pursuing Portraits Button 2

To kick things off I’m happy to announce that Pursuing Portraits will now be offered in a DVD format! This class will no longer be taught online and because of the many requests for it I’ve decided to now offer it as a DVD with a Pre-buy sale! For the next 3 Days-ending at 12:00pm on Friday, January 4th,(this cutoff date is firm so if you miss it you will have to wait until the pre-order is completed and order later) you can purchase a SIGNED DVD at a $13.00 discount!

The Pre-Order cost is $27.oo plus $5.00 US Shipping or 10.00 International Shipping

Pursuing Portraits Workshop

Pursuing Portaits 6 video Lessons

Journal your way to a self portrait that reflects your true self.  During this 6 lesson course you will work in the comfort and safety of your own Art Journal.  This will be an exploration of our own self and the face that we see in the mirror each morning as we dig deep to find what lies behind the face that we show to the world.  Your face may not even look like you, but it will be representative of the inner you.  I will show you the techniques I use in my mixed media portraits and guide you towards creating a face that is uniquely yours.

This workshop is intended to be a starting place for those wanting to pursue the art of drawing faces. I say ‘pursue’ because that’s exactly what I’ve found it to be. You can draw a face every day and not have them look alike. Portraits are a great way to watch your growth as an artist. Since the time I created this workshop my work has evolved a lot, but the basic techniques I teach here are still the same. This is a great starting place on a journey that never ends and I’m excited to be offering this retired workshop as a DVD.

Over 2 hours of video instruction

DVD’s will be shipped out between the 25th and 30th of this month. It will be available unsigned, directly from the manufacturer at the full price of $40.00
Week 1
~Facing the Facts

Sketching basics, learning how to draw a face and where everything is supposed to go.

Week 2~Who Am I?

Backgrounds that speak of you

Week 3~Take a Look in the Mirror

Learning how to make it your face

Week 4~Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Learn the painting and shading techniques that I use in my portraits

Week 5~It’s the Little Things That Matter Most

All the details that bring your face to life

Week 6~Shout Out Loud or whisper really soft

Using your portrait to express your voice


I’ve offered these classes in various ways and always through other online venues, but by now offering them as DVD’s will allow me to re-run workshops that people may have missed or for those who would like to have the videos available to refer back to as often as they like. I will only offer a class as a DVD after I’ve decided not to open it for online teaching anymore. Please remember that as I set my price point for each DVD many things are taken into consideration and while I want to keep things affordable I also need to respect those who have previously paid to take the workshop in it’s online format. Because there are no handouts, or instructor involvement as in a workshop, the price will reflect that. The video’s will occasionally refer to “links on the site” or “PDF downloads” etc, and these pertained to the online workshop as it was originally taught. There are no downloads that come with the DVD and you can easily find the supplies used by simply googling the name, most often  or will carry them.

All DVD’s are professionally manufactured by a company. The DVD’s come in a Traditional DVD case with the insert as pictured below. The DVD’s themselves have graphics on them as well and each set has an insert in the case with additional information for the class.

Girl In the Blue Room

Last week I happened to photograph this painting, ‘Girl in the Blue Room’ as I was working on it. It’s fun to look back and see how it progressed so I thought I’d share it with you~

Created on 9 x12 140lb hot press watercolor paper using water-soluble media and acrylics








Hope this gets you motivated to get into the studio and create today!

Coming Live from Stampington & Co Tomorrow!

Enjoying your summer so far? I hope so and if you’re having a little ‘staycation’ maybe you can check out the fun thing Stampington has cooked up for tomorrow-I’m so excited!!
It’s a
Facebook Takeover:
Chat Live with Pam Carriker


To celebrate the launch of her debut stamp line, we’re inviting mixed-media artist and author Pam Carriker to take over our Facebook page for two sessions (one hour each) for a live Q&A! Jot down your questions for your chance to get artful advice in real time on Wednesday June 27th at 12 p.m. (E.S.T.) AND 12 p.m. (P.S.T.) at

I hope you’ll be able to stop by for a minute or two and chat with me live tomorrow! I’m looking forward to a little real time talk about art and living a creative life so even if you can just pop in for a minute or two, I’d love to hear from you:-)

Finding Frida 4

Creating ‘Frida’ inspired work makes you consider the elements you add and how they will tell your story.

Here I used elements found in her work in a new way. I love the little hand earring, but I’m a ‘doer’ so for me the hand had to be doing something.

I’m busy getting ready to head to CA next week to teach at CREATE. I hope to see some of you there:-) I will be doing a book signing June 2nd at 4:30 so be sure to stop by and say hi!

Also Artful Gathering will begin right after I get home on June 6th! This is the only new online workshop for 2012, so if you’re at all interested don’t delay in signing up as registration will close 2 weeks after class opens on the 6th. Many have asked if they can just purchase the DVD and what is on the DVD. The DVD is only available for class attendees and it is the complete set of videos from the workshop! So even if the time of Artful Gathering doesn’t work for you, you can join and download printed materials and get the DVD to go through the workshop when it’s convenient for you.

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Artful Gathering Event Registration is Open!

I’ m so thrilled to be part of this event. I can tell you the teachers have been hanging out in the ‘Teachers Lounge’ for several months now as we have worked on preparing our classrooms and I’ve so enjoyed the camaraderie and genuine friendly atmosphere at Artful Gathering. It’s a great sign of the fun ahead as we put the finishing touches on the classrooms.
I’m the Spotlight Artist for The Artful Gathering Blog Hop!
Follow along with me for fun, creativity, and a chance to win a$200.00 e-gift card from Jerry’s Artarama!

I will be teaching my fabulous premiere video workshops at

The Artful Gathering Online Art Retreat 2012

Still Pursuing Portraits

Session One
June 6 – July 17

A few years ago, a couple hundred students began a journey with me called Pursuing Portraits. I don’t know about most of them, but for me, my pursuit of drawing and painting portraits continues on. I’ve moved from cute, stylized faces to more accurate, realistic portraits. That is where my journey has taken me and along the way I’ve learned, through teaching numerous workshops, how to dissect a face and demonstrate easy ways to make a ‘face map’ to guide the artist in creating a face with the correct proportions. For the first time, I would like to share all of this with you! This workshop will cover creating portraits from sketching to painting, with some fun new mediums thrown in for even further exploration. So you didn’t take Pursing Portraits the first time? This class is brand new, and will benefit both those who took my first workshop and those who did not.

Daily exercising of the ‘sketching’ muscles is highly encouraged as in lessons 1-3 we will explore drawing a face from front, side, and ¾ views. Mapping, shading, various pencil techniques, and an easy method of transferring sketches to rapidly improve drawing skills, will be demonstrated through videos. PDF downloads of worksheets will accompany each of these lessons so we can practice without fear. We will work in journals to enhance the atmosphere of learning and to see our growth. Creating faces takes practice and if you put in the time I can guarantee you will see improvement and growth in your work.


When we have practiced our hand at drawing, we will then move on to painting portraits using a variety of mediums. Water soluble crayon, my new Liquid Pencil Sketching Ink, and acrylic paint will all be explored in our journals. This 8 week workshop will include over 100 minutes of video instruction, PDF download worksheets, video and written instruction on drawing a face from full on, profile, and ¾ views, shading, water soluble crayon, Sketching Ink, and acrylic paint techniques. Everything you need to get started or to enhance your journey as you continue your Pursuit of Portraits.
Come Hop With US!

Hop Rules:

If you would like to hop with us and meet all the super awesome Artful Gathering 2012 Art Instructors, and have a chance to win a random drawing prize in our random drawing, then hop with us! Each week, I will announce the blog for you to visit, and off you go to meet them, and to pick up the newest secret word. Your chance to win prizes….

  1. For your chance to win, you must collect all the secret code words and submit them upon the final destination blog in May. A random drawing will be conducted from those contestants who have submitted the complete collection of secret words!
  2. Three winners will be randomly drawn. One for the $200.00 e-card to Jerry’s, and two runner’s up for the 25.00 e-card to Jerrys!
  3. This weeks word is …..Into
    Next week, I’ll announce the next person to hop to. Good luck!!!