BIG News!!! Christmas Comes Early!

I have some awesome BIG NEWS to share with you! My new book, Mixed Media Portraits with Pam Carriker has had it’s release date moved up and will be in-house at the North Light Shop on January 20th!!! And it’s now on sale there!!! That’s two months earlier than the original release date!!! I’m beyond excited!!! Oh and more good news is that it’s on SALE today at the North Light Shop-HALF OFF the cover price!!!!

The book is a nice fat 160 pages, they upped the page count to include even more instruction and eye candy. It would make a great Christmas present, just saying:-)

And if you’ve already ordered it from Amazon  you’ll be getting it way earlier than the original release date, likely the first part of february rather than late March!!!

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Art Abandonment

Michael and Andrea DeMeng have shared some Big News about the Art Abandonment project!

Check out the video

I’m thrilled to be participating in this book and looking forward to an awesome year of sharing art in this way. To find out more about this group check out Art Abandonment on Facebook

Here’s a stepped out look of todays Art to Abandon

Making Meaning, Making Art

Every other month I look forward to Quinn McDonald’s column in Stampingtons Somerset Studio. She has a no-nonsense way to get right to the heart of things and I always find something that resonates with me.

Her new book is written with that same tone. When she talks about what ‘Raw Art Journaling’ is, you know right away that no matter what your skill level, you can glean new insight and focus from her book.

This book offers practical ways to overcome common obstacles in journaling as well as actual ‘how to’ techniques. What I really love is that they are presented in an open way that leaves the reader with free rein to implement the techniques in their own way. I totally feel that I can use this book and enhance my own journaling without losing my style. That’s important to me. Journaling is a way to express our individuality, and the goal should be self-improvement, discovery, and show our journey, not just reflect what someone else is doing.

My favorite parts, were the chapter on making meaning with words, and the lessons on Tangled Words and Words So Big They Disappear . These things can enhance anyone’s journaling experience and are as unique as each of our own handwriting!

In the chapter Making Meaning With Imagery, Quinn encourages the reader to really look at what’s around them and use that imagery in their journaling. How much journal inspiration do we miss because we don’t look at the seemingly insignificant closely enough?

Over all I feel this book would be helpful to both those new to journaling and seasoned journalers. It provides a lot of inspiration for creating journal pages fearlessly. I’m very happy to add this book to my collection of keepers!

Click here to order a copy

In a raw-art journal, you don’t need to know how to draw; you don’t need to know how to write well. You don’t need worry about messing up techniques you’ve never attempted before inside your raw-art journal. You just need to be you because raw art is you, and it thrives on creative play, on experimentation and even on making mistakes. Raw Art Journaling will teach you how to embrace your art, confront negative self-talk (a.k.a., your gremlin) and make meaning with your words and with your art. Inside Raw Art Journaling you’ll discover how to:

  • Write meaningful thoughts with a single sentence
  • Create thought-provoking poems through found poetry
  • Uncover images hidden in your photos
  • Make personal meaning with the simplest of lines
  • Finally feel free to make mistakes
  • Use clever techniques to keep your secrets secret

Quiet your gremlin, grab your permission slip (it’s on page 19) and start making meaning in your own raw-art journal today.