Page Du Jour #16

A Renaissance Woman is a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. She sets her own agenda, controls her destiny, and knows the sky’s the limit when it comes to her personal achievement!

I’ve been having so much fun with these ‘Renaissance Women’ and several have asked if I’d be teaching this in a workshop-well I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching them live at Art and Soul VA April 2011! I’ll be teaching two workshops, ‘Renaissance Women’  and ‘Arcimboldo Style Self Portrait’

Taking inspiration from the Italian painter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo whose portraits consisted of creating the entire head with objects like fruits, vegetables, fish and other objects, we will create a self portrait that echos who we truly are and the road we’ve traveled to get there. Learn techniques for creative collage and portrait painting to create a one of a kind self portrait that is like no other.

I will be teaching this concept as a journaling project in Journal 365, but we will explore it even further in the live workshop creating on a hard surface, using different mediums and techniques to create it as a masterpiece worthy of hanging on your wall.

I’m excited to see my teaching schedule coming together for 2011 and still waiting for information on a couple of other venues so I’ll update it as that comes in, but you can see what’s on the books now on my ‘Teaching’ page. It would be so awesome to meet some of you in real life at one of these events!

Page Du Jour

Write about the things that matter to you. Journal pages aren’t just meant to just be ‘pretty’ or to reflect someone else’s journey, they are an exercise in self discovery. Learn techniques from others and use them in your own way to get the most from your journaling experience. A journal is an extension of your creativity, not just another ‘project’.

Page Du Jour

In preparation for the Paris Retreat, I’ve been working daily with Conte Crayons in a Moleskine journal. The simplicity of creating pages with simple tools is both quick and very satisfying. I’ve been posting my ‘Page Du Jour’ on facebook but it dawned on me today that I can better manage my blog by posting them here (which conveniently also posts to FB) duh! So in an effort to unofficially keep up with the ‘Art Every Day in November’ movement, I’ll post the past 6 days worth and then work really hard to keep it up by blogging the pages daily the rest of the month. I truly do create every day. I can’t even remember a day in recent history that I haven’t done something creative. Not always is it art, sometimes it’s writing or even working on my website, but those count too. Creating is a way of life and even if it’s only for a few minutes, I make time for it every day.

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Turning a sketch into a journal page is easy with Pitt Brush Tipped Artist Pens. They come in the same colors as the Conte Crayons and are great paired together with them.