Mind Wide Open November Challenge

It is that time again, time for the MWO challenge! This months image is shown in the detail shot on the left. A truly lovely one. The theme is ‘Beloved’.

I had already started this pieces on a 16×20 canvas. It is one I was working on for my bedroom and though I had the window in the corner, it still needed something. Gail’s image was the perfect thing! Inspired by the feeling that I am always, eternally, waiting for my DH to come home from his pilot job. The words read, ‘She waited for what seemed an eternity’, finish that off with ‘for her beloved’. She keeps him in her heart as she looks out the window anxiously awaiting his return. Voting begins November 8th. My beloved comes home tonight:-)

A Productive Weekend!

I’m having a fairly productive weekend! In between cleaning out closets, I was able to finish and list this new work titled, ‘Be Set Free’. That’s what cleaning out clutter feels like to me~it sets me free! Sometimes I am just in the mood to purge and I go at it like gangbusters getting things cleaned out and organized. Now in the midst of this cleaning frenzy, my house looks like a hurricane came through (thoughts and prayers to those going through ‘real’ hurricanes:-). But, there is a method to my madness, and an upcoming neighborhood garage sale to spur me on.

Don’t forget about the Mind Wide Open voting that begins tomorrow. I have seen a couple of the other entries, and they are gorgeous! You can scroll down to see mine, I’ll keep my fingers crossedxxx.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, productive or not!

Mind Wide Open August Challenge Pictures

Here are some additional pictures of my entry. I have had this wooden shrine (5 1/2x 9x 2) for ages. It jumped right out at me when I saw the image and word prompt for this challenge. Since the word prompt is ‘secret’, I searched for a quote that would tie it into the bird theme I wanted to use. I found the perfect words, ‘When you have found a birds nest, you have found him out. You have found the very center of his life and his greatest secret.’ I found this quote after I had completed the piece, which sad to say is often the case for me. It seems a backward way to go at it, but it always seems to work out well for me-lol! It was fun using some of my paint techniques on something other than canvas. I also used mica to highlight a couple of areas, including the womans face. I also added a sweet little birds nest with some feathers and fibers, an old door pull with a face peeking out, some lovely little eggs with bits of hardware attached and some little scraps of cloth to hang them by that are suspended from little hooks. It is hard to capture the depth of the piece. Layers of papers and paints, and stamped/stenciled images, have been worked into the background. I hope you will all check out Mind Wide Open when the voting begins, Friday the 8th. From the amount of eye candy that was there last month, it is sure to be a treat!

Affirmation Art

Here is the finished piece of affirmation art that I did today. She will sit on my easel in my studio and guard against all self doubt! I am jokingly calling her Postive Pam-haha! She holds the key to all of my dreams in her heart and I stamped affirmations on her dress, I can always add more when the need arises. I had to add a little bird because I love them so and it looks like he is singing to me. I don’t usually work in red, but I wanted her to pop against the olive green walls of my studio. I like how the colors turned out. I even added some laugh lines since she is supposed to be “me” and at 40 something I have a few wrinkles:-) I hope this will inspire you to do some affirmation art of your own!

What’s In A Face?

I have really enjoyed working on mixed media portraits. I can’t describe how fun it is to watch the “ladies” develope on the canvas. They start out as blank slates, no personality, no story. Then as their face takes shape it says something to me. I almost feel like they speak to me and tell me what their message is. Kind of corny maybe, but that’s how it feels. I don’t start these with a title or plan as to how their face will look. I draw the basic shape and then paint the face as I go. Sometimes they look a little sad, or deep in thought, or happy, or peaceful. They each have their own message, their own identity. It is very fulfilling watching them emerge before my eyes. I’m hooked! Here are my latest ones.
I just sold four mixed media portraits this past weekend on Etsy. I have decided to make a limited number of prints for each portrait. We’ll see how that goes. I do like how the prints turned out. I had them done at a print shop on acid free/archival quality paper. This way I can keep one for myself too. I have to admit it is a little sad to see my ladies go and much easier to part with them when I have a little reminder of my own. “A Mother’s Nature” will be going off to her new home this week. She is being given to a mom of a woman who is moving away. A fitting place for her and I’m glad.