A Cat’s Life

Oh for a cat’s life, all snuggled up sleeping in the sunlight. My little kitty journal page was inspired by Monica Zuniga’s sweet little kitty paintings. I decided to try a ‘Pam’ looking kitty, using the same facial features as my ladies, the long nose and long, slender neck. I used my water soluble crayons, I am so loving those! I think I might go and take a break from the computer and get a little cat nap in myself:-)

BTW, be sure to stop by Monica’s blog for her giveaway! She is giving one of her beautiful paintings to some lucky (hopefully me:-) winner on the 28th.

A Little Piece of Art

My friend Alisa (prettylittlependants) presented a little portrait challenge, so I thought I would take a few minutes to make this small, 4×6 piece. You can see the requirements on her blog. Anyone can play! It just has to be an original portrait that is 4×6. I used Caran d’ache water soluble crayons for this. I have created a piece of art every day now since January 1, 2009. It is a fun habit to be in and I highly recommend it! Even if it’s something small like this, or a little bit you do in a journal, it doesn’t have to be big, just spend a few minutes creating. Your muse will thank you!

Day 32, still going

What can I say, if you do something for 31 days in a row you develop a habit:-) I used Golden’s liquid matte medium with Caran d’ache water soluble crayons in my Moleskine journal. The pages hold up really well to this method.
My Art Journalism 101 class is in it’s 4th week and we have an amazing 105 students! Everyone’s pages are looking wonderful. Class registration is closed, but I will be offering it again in the future. I am working on a Shades of Grey class, that will be featuring Pitt Pens. I’ve had so many asking about it that I decided to take that on for my next workshop. I will keep you posted as to dates and registration etc.

Day 27, feelings of friendship

I am continually amazed by the bonds of friendship that form online between artists. People who have never met in real life, but connect through their common interest in art. For my ‘feelings’ page I have journaled about one such friendship, while working out some details in my mind about an art swap the two of us are doing. Journals are a great way to work things out, make notes, and find inspiration for a project. I used my water soluble crayon with matte medium for this one. Thank you Sharon for that tip:-)

Day 26, Feelings

The page pretty much says it all. I used my big girl crayons (Caran d’ache) for this. I tried using Golden’s liquid glazing medium with the crayon instead of water. This worked like a charm, enabling me to blend the colors, giving me ample work time, and they are fixed to the page, so no need for a spray fixative. I just ordered the BIG set of crayons and can’t wait for them to get here! Very fun toys for journaling.