My first post from my lovely new website/blog! I couldn’t have done it without the help of Orly who lent me her wonderful son Ilan. He was a whiz at getting me set up! I can’t thank them enough. I went to Orly’s website and just fell in love with it. So clean and simple yet artsy and eye catching and when I asked her about it she said her son had helped her. He is talented just like his mama:-)

So, I’ll leave my old blog up to steer people to my new blog and hope that my followers will come over and follow me here!



Day 15, White~January Journaling

It is an extremely cold day, so the thought of working in white made me grab an extra sweater. As usually happens, the page took me on it’s own adventure. The church ans woman looked too cold, but the addition of a halo and some wings helped with that. I wondered what she was wishing for and I knew what I was wishing for, spring! The flower bloomed right out of the wistful face and reminded me that I just needed faith. Spring will come. Winter doesn’t last forever.