Art on the Go!

I am packing my art supplies getting ready to hit the road! I will be in San Diego next Saturday teaching a mixed media portrait workshop at Lisa Bebi’s gallery. Since traveling with art supplies can be a tad tricky, I decided to take an old suitcase and dedicate it towards this purpose.

This hard sided roll-aboard relic was one of hubby’s old go-to-work pieces. It has seen better days for sure, so painting it up was a not an issue. I used three colors of spray paint intended for use on plastic. It worked like a dream. Add in some gesso, Sharpie Markers, and Staz On ink and my art supplies will arrive in style!

I’m making a stop at Stampington to meet with the editors. This will be one of the highlights of my trip. After only email communications and the occasional phone conversation, I am excited to finally meet them in person. I might even see if they want to doodle a bit on my suitcase Art Journaling style.

One thing is certain, I won’t have any trouble picking out my suitcase on the luggage carousel:-)

I filled the inside with plastic containers so if something does spring a leak it won’t hurt too much.

I’ve already learned NOT to pack art supplies with your clothes…

Take your ART to NEW places!

Share it with those around you~

Make new friends:-)

Reconnect with old ones:-D

Live Art at the Speed of Life!

The Challenge of Transfers

Transfering images onto your mixed media work can be challenging.  On our Melange Team thread over at Etsy, we have had an ongoing discussion about all of the different methods ‘out there’ and decided to do a challenge to show some of the different ways they can be done. 
This is a transfer that I did on my altered Halloween Cookbook for Somerset’s Holiday edition.  I used an inkjet transparency and gel medium which worked fairly well.  I like that it came out a bit rough, which helped with the aged look I was going for. 
The method that I like the best is using hand sanitzer.  It is so much less messy.  I use inkjet transparencies with it, but I know that others use photo paper.  I find that for myself the transparencies seem to work best. 
I think the key to getting good results it practice.  Experiment with different methods, find one or two that you like and practice.  There is a ‘knack’ to it that can only be learned by actually doing it.  Take a minute and visit our Melange Team blog to see what everyone had come up with!

A Studio Face Lift

I am a Fall Cleaner.  When summer draws to an end I feel the need for that one last garage sale, purging the excess that accumulates and simplifying my homelife before school begins.  My goal was to not buy anything new, but to reinvent, repurpose, and reuse.
I have a lot of studio work with deadlines looming, so the first order of business was to clean out my studio, completely.  Inspired by the latest issue of Where Women Create, I decided to move my packing supplies to the guest bedroom.  I don’t know why I always feel compelled to keep everything ‘art’ in my studio.  I have an empty dresser in the guest bedroom, so all of the packing supplies are stored away, out of sight.  This left room for an office area in my studio which I desperately needed.  I moved my grandmother’s secretary desk up and completely love my cozy little writing station.
I repositioned my art table to the middle of the room.  This opened up the flow and feel of the space.  I also added the black checked border to the table, inspired by Teresa McFayden’s lovely workspace.  This added touch of black worked in the same way I use it on a journal page, tying together the hints of black around the room, giving it visual flow. 
I left my curtain rods up as I love to be able to hang up artwork on the little hooks, changing it out whenever I like.  It is also another black element and the line draws the eye around the room.  The simple cream walls, (the color is called Latte, how can you go wrong with that?) are warm and restful to the eye.  The only thing I bought for the room was this little upholstered chair.  I wanted a little journaling nook, so I moved my bookshelf, added the chair, and filled the little end table with journaling supplies.  On top is a tray filled with altered books I have made in the past.
I so love this little display case for 12×12 papers that I snagged at a going out of business sale some time ago.  The papers are too beautiful to hide away in a drawer.  Along this wall I hung prints of artwork from the Masters that inspire me.  On the stairs I keep rolls of watercolor paper handy as well as some of my finished work.  The frame is one my dad made years ago from barn boards off the farm he lived on as a child.  I have ideas for it later.
Around the door I wrote the title from my first article.  It was a defining moment in my art life and describes to a ‘T’ my creative state of being.  It is how I live.
I feel so much less cramped in my newly arranged space.  The moment I step down those three steps, I feel the outside world slip away and I enter the creative place inside of me that I cannot deny.
All of these pretty depression glass pieces have been hidden away in a cupboard.  Now they are filled with beautiful trinkets that inspire me just by looking at them.  I hope this inspires you to reinvent your space, fill it with things you love that you already have.  I was so encouraged to be able to makeover my space with one gallon of paint and my splurge of the little chair.

Art Journaling, it’s here!

It finally arrived, Somerset’s latest edition of Art Journaling! And it’s just as jammed packed with eye candy, techniques and tips as the inaugural issue. I have only done a quick glance through, waiting for some quiet time to digest each article.

I am very excited to have two articles featured, one on ‘Background Basics’ and the other on my ‘Shades of Gray’ journal.

When I think back to the first issue I remember all of the excitement of being asked to share my journals, and during that time starting my online workshops.
Sharing a personal glimpse into my inner creative being is a little daunting, but the rewards for doing so are numerous. Every time I hear from someone that they are now addicted to journaling it makes my heart smile.

This is something to do for yourself. It is art made from the heart for your heart. Being creative purely for the sake of being creative. People don’t have to like it, it isn’t made to be sold, it simply ‘is’.

A Nice Little Suprise

I have been anxiously awaiting the new Somerset Art Journaling magazine. I have not seen anything but a peek at one of my articles in the ad at Stampington. One of my workshop attendees and dear friends Nancy Lefko is going to be featured as well, so we have been emailing to see if the other got their copy yet, lol! For those who missed out on the first issue, (it sold out pretty quickly) this publication reads more like a book. It is full of not only lovely pages, but informative articles and tips from a variety of artists. It is an inspiring read. Back to my story, while accosting the mail lady the other day, I did get another great publication from Stampington, Somerset Holidays. I was originally slated to have this piece in the first issue last year, but they held on to it for this issue instead. It is kind of a look back in time to see work that you did well over a year ago published. My hubby said, oh yeah, I kind of remember that! It will be fun to get this altered Halloween Cookbook back in time for the holiday. We enjoy Halloween a lot in our neighborhood full of kids. This holiday issue is packed with ideas for all holidays, and this is the perfect time of year to start planning ahead, the kids go back to school next week…
On the horizon, Jenny Doh has asked me to do a ‘Workshop’ and ‘With One Palette’ features in a couple of upcoming Somerset Studio issues, so my muse is already working on ideas for those.
While back to school and end of summer bring a tinge of sadness, it also brings free time that just can’t be found during those lovely sunny days. I have a full line up of projects to work on and I’m itching to start, but for this week, I want to squeeze out some more fun in the sun!