Farewell to February

What a busy month this has been. Usually February seems to drag on as I wait impatiently for spring, but this year I blinked and it was gone! My copy of Somersets Apprentice arrived and much to my delight my name is on the cover! The article for it was done ages ago, so it was very fun to revisit it and be part in the inaugural issue.
My workshops are going nicely, and if anyone is interested ‘Shades of Grey’ will start March 23rd, and Visual Journalism 101’s second session begins April 6th. After that it’s off to CA for ZNE’s ConvenZioNE! I will get home right before my son’s graduation and then summer will be here. Where did the year go?

This and That

Well, I bought some Copic Markers in shades of warm grays. Love the pens, but have learned a few things. They bled through my moleskines heavy sketch paper terribly. While I was disappointed by that, I did try them in my watercolor journal and they were perfect! the big tips made short work of this page. If anyone has experience with these pens I would love to hear it!

While I did not receive Somerset Apprentice yet, I did get the latest Somerset Studio and Stampers’ Sampler, I was thrilled to see this add appeared in both! Right next to Sharon Thomlinson’s beautiful work and we all got a little name mention. Maybe my copy will arrive tomorrow….

A Couple of Journal Pages

Here are a couple of my latest journal pages. You may recognize the lady on the left from my portrait in progress video. I finished the one on the right today and I like these ladies so much, I just might need to have some prints made to share. I used acrylics, water soluble crayon, graphite, pitt pens and my trusty white gel pen.
A little birdie posted that ‘Apprentice’ (Somerset) has arrived at their house. I’m still waiting for my copy, let me know if you get it!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Somerset Apprentice Coming Soon

For today’s art, I actually worked on my new banner. It needed something, so I was able to figure out how to cut some bits from recent artwork and add them in. This is where my huge learning curve comes in, I’m learning though!
March is on the way and with it comes a new publication from Somerset. I am very excited to be part of the inaugural issue of Somerset Apprentice! This will hit the new stands March 1, 2009. You can order your own copy here.