I will never forget

“I will never forget, I was sleeping and my American Airlines hubby was up with our 2 month old son. He watched by himself as the first plane hit, then woke me and said he was sorry for waking me up but something really bad was happening. We watched together as the second plane hit. Then the phone calls started coming in as family and friends tried to delicately ask if my husband was flying. I finally had him answer so they would know he was ok right away. So many lives changed forever that day. His job description and career changed along with everything else, ever conscious of his duty to protect those aboard.”

As I wrote this on my friend Dawn Edmondson’s 9/11 remembrance post it, along with the news coverage this morning, transported me right back to those terrible hours.  As event after event unfolded we went from this can’t be happening to thinking anything could happen. 

Our country united as compassion and resolve flooded our souls.  I hope we never forget that day.  It showed us what Americans are made of.  It made us incredibly sad, but it also made us proud and it made us strong. 

It made us appreciate the things we normally take for granted.