Art at the Speed of Life

Finally my wait is over. I just received my copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors today, and there is my article! This is a dream come true. When I decided not to continue teaching art at a small private school, I searched inside myself to find answers as to which direction I wanted to go with my artistic life. I have always been involved with art, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating in some form or other, but now I wanted to set some goals. It was time. It is a scary thing to put yourself, your art, ‘out there’. It’s personal in a way that some may not understand. And there is the fear of rejection. I tasted it with my first two submissions. Then I got serious. If I really wanted to make this happen, I needed to keep forging ahead. So I did, and I have had several things published. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing your work in print. I know many of you already know this feeling. It validates all those trips to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, well maybe not ALL of the trips, but some certainly! It also makes you want to try harder, do more, go places you haven’t gone before. We are often our own worst enemies. We tell ourselves we can’t do something more often than others do, by far. There is one certainty, if we don’t try, we can’t succeed.

July 3rd this issue of CPS hits the new stands. I look at it with a feeling of great satisfaction that I did not give up. I did something I didn’t think I could do. I stepped outside of my comfort zone. If you have a chance to see my article, please read it with this in mind. It comes from my heart, it is something I wanted to share. I hope I have more opportunity for this kind of challenge. I loved every minute of the experience, even the scary parts! At 43, I am growing and changing. Who would have thought? This is a sneak peak at the first two pages of my six paged article, you will have to pick up a copy to see the rest:-)

warm wishes,
P.S. They even published my mom’s crock-pot roast recipe on their website! Thanks Mom!!

Get A Moo On!

I just received my first order of ‘Moo Cards’! What’s a ‘Moo Card’? Well I had to ask too. They are tiny business cards, that a company, makes, using your own pictures. They are so fun, I will be including them in purchases from my etsy shop. I am going to keep adding to the collection. Included in my first shipment are snippets from artwork that is being published in the near future. I have decided to use my published work for these little calling cards. On the back I have my contact info and ‘Thank you for purchasing handmade’. I think it is so important in these times to try to boost our economy by purchasing things made in the US. So get a Moo on and go check out their site!
P.S. To see the full version of these works, check out the Stampers’ Sampler, August/September guest artist feature!

Published in the Stampers’ Sampler!!!

What a great surprise awaited me in the mailbox today! I found an issue of the Stampers’ Sampler and when I opened it up expecting to find my ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on one of the pages, I find an article 3 pages long!

I really was taken aback, they did a wonderful job photographing it too. I have the banner hanging on my fireplace mantel for Memorial Day and the Fourth. But that wasn’t all, I skimmed through the rest of the magazine, because that’s what I always do first, and there on another page were two more pieces I had submitted for their Tempting Template call. I submitted two cards made using their template. Inside of these is an altered teabag, with a vintage photo of both Chamomile, and Earl Gray. This was a fun template to design around. Check out the Stampers’ Sampler if you get a chance to. And be sure to look for the next issue as I am very honored to be the featured guest artist. It was a lot of fun to answer the interview questions:-) It is an indescribable feeling to look through these magazines that I have been reading for some time and see my work. And to think, I wouldn’t have dreamed of submitting work without the wonderful support of the online art community.