Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day blogging friends:-) I hope you are having a wonderful day enjoying your family. I just had to share the portrait my 7 yr old did of me. His class served us moms a wonderful luncheon on Friday, complete with table cloths, flowers, the whole works! Each child made a portrait of their mother and we were supposed to guess which one was ours. I think you can tell I had an easy time picking mine out-LOL! Omgosh, he even drew Hobby Lobby in the background! I was cracking up!! I will keep this piece of art in my studio for sure. It was way too big for the scanner, but you can get the gist of it from these pics, priceless:-)


I have so much to share from the ConvenZioNE last week that it will take a few days. I of course had to journal about the event, so I will start with one of my pages. I needed to take some images to use in the projects I did in the workshops, so I used some of those in my journal, prepping a few pages with some paint to be added to later. This page reflects my online, friendships with some of the people there. I knew them by name, but had never met any of them. A little scary, but the instant I met these ladies, I felt right at home. We all share the bonds of creativity and it is evident when you walk into a room full of amazing artists.

This piece was done in Brandie Butcher-Isley’s class. She is an inspiring artist who’s work I have admired for a long time. We met right away and hung out together for the whole event. We will be doing some collaboration on projects in the future and left with our minds full of ideas. Brandie truly has the soul of an artist and there was an instant connection that I will always cherish.

This piece also serves as my response to last weeks Melange Team Challenge, FUN, as I can’t think of anything more fun than being in the land of ZNE!
The other workshop that I took, was Anna Corba’s class. She lead us into her world of lovely vintage papers, beeswax, and simple elegance. She is the loveliest of ladies and was a huge inspiration to me with her words and presence.
I completed 5 pieces of art in 2 days which in itself was amazing. As a mom I just don’t get to sit down and work start to finish on projects. Having someone bring me lunch, and no housework or anything else to do but art is a great way to live, let me tell you! But for most of us that is not our reality and I have become adept at working art around life and finding balance between the two.
This piece will serve as my response to this weeks Melange Team Challenge, ‘Mom’. I used some images from my own artwork. This is something I have been wanting to do and the beeswax collage is the perfect format. I was unable to scan the whole piece, which is 9×13, but this is the main portion.

I will be posting more through the week there is just so much to share!

A Mother’s Hope

I just finished the third in a series of five mixed media portraits. This one is titled, ‘A Mother’s Hope’. I have a lot of ‘mother moments’ going on right now, and it is very soothing for me to try and capture some of those feelings on canvas. While my oldest is in Basic Training, my middle is going to be a senior next year, and my youngest is still a sweet almost 7 years old, I have so many emotions right now connected to my children. I remember like it was yesterday, the hope of becoming a mother, and that oh so exciting day when I knew I would be! I love the soft look in this moms eyes, it reminds me of that time. I added a clock to represent the countless hours we spend in watch care over our children. ‘A Mother’s Hope’ is available in my etsy shop, www.thebagladysart.etsy.com

2nd in Series Finished

I just finished ‘A Mother’s Heart’ and couldn’t wait to post it. I still have to add the words to the piece, but wanted to post it anyway. I have placed her hand over her protective, mother’s heart. Where all of us mother’s hold our loved ones. I am anxious to go and get started on the next one in this series. These just seem to paint themselves and I can’t think of a better time than Mother’s Day to work on things so close to my heart. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, may your children be near, at least in heart, and your day be filled with love. I added a second picture that I scanned after adding the text to finish off the piece. The colors in the scan are better. I just listed this in my etsy shop.

Latest Painting finished

Here are the pictures of my latest mixed media portrait. It is called, ‘A Mothers Prayer’. I have decided to do a series, consisting of Five paintings titled, “A Mothers Hope”, “A Mothers Heart”, “A Mothers Nature”, and “A Mothers Dream”. I will do each in a different color palette to compliment the title. All will be done on these wonderful, heavy, extra thick canvasses. I am also going to make prints of these available on my etsy store,http://www.thebagladysart.etsy.com/.

This is a scan of the work to get a better idea of the colors. It is so satisfying and fun, to see these women emerge on the canvas. I draw the faces directly onto the painted background and the details are painted on. I don’t start with a sketch, they just seem to come as I work on the canvas. They are truly painted from my heart and I feel like they reflect my mood and feelings of the moment. They are not “perfect” portraits, nor are they meant to be. I want to convey a mood or a thought, more than a perfect image of a woman. I am fascinated by the power of using hands, either partially or a full view. It speaks to me of all that we do as women, and mothers. The eyes are truly the windows to our souls. So with Mother’s Day fast approaching, here is my tribute to my mom and all moms. Ours is the most important job there is, and it is never done.