New Landscape

After seeing my friend Michelle Dobell’s new landscape paintings, I was inspired to create my own. I have been wanting to do this for some time as I have a wall in my kitchen eating area that has been waiting for some artwork. Every time I think about buying something to hang there I stop and say, I should just paint something. But I never do. What is it they saying about the plumber’s house having leaky pipes? This artist’s house needs some of her own artwork! I did recently move a decorative easel into my formal dining room and have a couple of paintings displayed on it. My thought on that is to display new works until they sell and rotate the art so that I can enjoy it for awhile before it goes to it’s new home. I have listed these two on etsy,, but I am going to paint a similar set for my home. It is really hard sometimes to keep my artwork as I try to grow my shop and my ultimate goal is to make a modest living doing what I love. My husband is so fortunate to have

a career that he loves. He often says he would fly for free, so getting
paid to do it is a bonus. We should all be that fortunate, to be able to make a living doing what comes from the heart. I don’t want to be rich, (ok, it wouldn’t suck either-lol) but it would be so wonderful to be able to contribute to the household income by doing that which calls out to be done. I would create for free, I have been at it for most of my life, but to be able to support myself and create, well that is a goal and dream I am on the road to pursuing. Let’s face it, we have to pay all of those Hobby Lobby/Michael’s bills somehow!