I finished my latest WIP! Summer brings many wonderful things, but studio time is not one of them. That is not necessarily a bad thing. It makes us slow down and enjoy things more. A lot of the time I have more than one project going on, and this is only in my art life, real life is a whole other story:-) This past month has been no exception. The difference is that with the kids home from school, and limited studio time, I am forced to slow it down. I have several writing projects in the works, and last week I pulled a couple of very late nights getting a couple of journals ready to send to the publishers, but I also have spent lazy afternoons at the pool with kids, doing absolutely nothing. Evenings are spent BBQ-ing, and visiting with friends and neighbors, and an occasional trip to the lake is squeezed in. Ahhh, wonderful!

All of the little extra details are done. Check out the cross-hatch detail on her hat, the little string attaching the price tag to the hat, and the little buttons on her dress. Tiny little things that add to the whole. The flowers are from napkins, inspired by Sharon Tomlinson’s amazing work. Little bits and pieces, gathered from here and there, that together, complete the picture. ‘Summer’s Gifts’ is available in my etsy shop. Wouldn’t you give 5cents for a cute hat like that? Happy summer day friends!

Latest WIP

Summer is slow going for my artistic pursuits. I have been busy with some submissions for publication, but have been itching to work on something new for my etsy shop. This is my latest work in progress. She is inspired by summer, infused with bright colors that remind me of the summer sky
and the beauty of the garden. She is even going to have a little ‘Mini Pearl’ tag hanging from her hat. I always think I like one season better than another, but I think I truly like them all, each for what it has to offer. I hope your summer days are long and lazy and filled with family and friends.

Wear a Hat!

‘When you wear a hat, you become the dream that started when the hat was conceived. The original energy that was put into the hat doesn’t die; it only changes forms and owners.
The dream doesn’t die; it is passed on, sometimes from
generation to generation’.

This was done on a 14″x18″ stretched canvas. I used acrylics, stamps, transfers, ink, charcoal, water soluble crayon, and graphite to do this mixed media portrait. There is a lot of subtle detail in this piece, the hats hold collaged images of dreams that fill the women’s minds, and there are transferred images of birds in the background. I used molding paste for the foundation, so there is a lot of texture to the work. This is the largest piece I have done. I was worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to adequately fill the space, but I guess I didn’t
have to worry about that.