Well a couple of weeks back I made some pillows on Zazzle using my artwork. They came yesterday and I have to say I’m extremely happy with them!!


So you know how it goes, you post it on Facebook because that’s where all the fun is happening lol.


Several people messaged me and asked on my post if they were going to be available to purchase and to be honest I’d not even thought about doing that,


I just wanted some new pillows for home and thought it would be fun to have some arty ones,


but I listened and went ahead and opened up a shop and listed my pillows there. I hope you’ll check my  SHOP out:-)

Embrace the Face

I have joined in a new challenge called Embrace the Face. I have wanted to participate for a bit, but haven’t until now, after an email urging from Laurie Blau-Marshall. So here is my entry, and if you would like to see all of them or participate you can head on over and check it out. The theme this month is ‘Lace’, and I am entering my lady with the lace hair. Have a ‘Beautiful’ day:-)
Also if you scroll down, you will notice that I have added my work to some products, mugs, t-shirts, totes, and mouse pads, just in time for Christmas!

Latest Painting finished

Here are the pictures of my latest mixed media portrait. It is called, ‘A Mothers Prayer’. I have decided to do a series, consisting of Five paintings titled, “A Mothers Hope”, “A Mothers Heart”, “A Mothers Nature”, and “A Mothers Dream”. I will do each in a different color palette to compliment the title. All will be done on these wonderful, heavy, extra thick canvasses. I am also going to make prints of these available on my etsy store,http://www.thebagladysart.etsy.com/.

This is a scan of the work to get a better idea of the colors. It is so satisfying and fun, to see these women emerge on the canvas. I draw the faces directly onto the painted background and the details are painted on. I don’t start with a sketch, they just seem to come as I work on the canvas. They are truly painted from my heart and I feel like they reflect my mood and feelings of the moment. They are not “perfect” portraits, nor are they meant to be. I want to convey a mood or a thought, more than a perfect image of a woman. I am fascinated by the power of using hands, either partially or a full view. It speaks to me of all that we do as women, and mothers. The eyes are truly the windows to our souls. So with Mother’s Day fast approaching, here is my tribute to my mom and all moms. Ours is the most important job there is, and it is never done.