I’m sure many of you have heard the news that Jenny Doh, Editor in Chief of Stampington, has started a new venture, Crescendoh . She has left the reigns in Christen Olivarez’s capable hands and come March 1st Crescendoh will make it’s debut.

Many, many artists will be sharing their ‘Art Saves’ stories to inspire all. I’ve been invited to be a guest curator in June, sharing my story and bringing new art inspiration in from many sources every day for a week.

Although it’s debut is still a little ways off, you can sign up for announcements to be sure not to miss a thing!

Be sure to listen to Jenny’s interview on blogspot radio.

A Visit To Stampington, Workshops, and More

How do I even begin? I am still getting goosebumps about my visit to CA this past week. I guess I will just start from the beginning.

My trip started with a visit to my friend Julie Bergmann’s house. Julie and I met at the ZNE ConvenZioNE last spring and hit it off right from the start. She graciously invited me to stay with her and when I got the invitation to teach from Lisa Bebi, the plan was put into action. With good food, lovely wine and a trip to Pinkberry for yogurt we began our visit. The next stop was Stampington & Co. Jenny Doh and the rest of the editors were so gracious and wonderful. We were given the grand tour.

Thrilling Moments

Meeting Jenny in person

Seeing Magazine covers with our names on them on a wall

Meeting with the photographer, Johanna, right after she had finished shooting my art journal for an upcoming issue.
Seeing my name on Jenny’s white board!

Recognizing peoples work just by looking at it
Seeing my aubergine pieces getting ready to be photographed

Doing Lunch with Jenny and Christin

Being filmed for a New Reality Show-LOL

Doing a Tutorial

Having everyone sign my suitcase

Next stop Lisa Bebi’s

A total thrill to meet her as I have long admired her work. She is just as fun as I thought she would be. We stayed up late and decided to do some painting late at night. She showed me her ‘Paint Over’ technique.

The class at The Stamp Addict was full with a waiting list.

The gals, and one guy were really fun and to top it off, who should walk in to the class but the famous Suzi Blu! How fun is that?! She is even better in person than on her youtube videos!!

Off to the gallery for my final workshop and met with another group of fun gals. Everyone was so nice and their work turned out great!

Off to the airport and home again. A completely crazy, busy, fun filled experience that I will never forget.

Tired but happy, journaling my way home.

A Call To Art Journalers

Christen Olivarez from Stampington & Co. asked me to pass the word that she is accepting art journals until August 24th for possible publication in the January 20010 issue of Art Journaling. You can email questions and inquiries to Christen at, directly. The next issue is due out September 1st and I am excited to have a couple of articles in it, more on that later. Have a great weekend everyone,

More Art Journaling Coming Soon

Hi friends, happy Friday! I received this great news from Jenny Doh, Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing, and Christen Olivarez, Editor at Stampington & Co. and they asked me to share, so share I will!

“Great news! As you have probably heard, the premier issue of Art Journaling, which featured your artwork, has officially sold out. The demand for this issue has continued to increase, and we have received a flood of comments from interested readers that would love to own their own copy of this outstanding issue. As a result, we have decided to release a special digital edition of Art Journaling so that we can share your artwork with even more journaling enthusiasts.”

This new digital version will also have links to all of the artists websites etc. Very cool! Christen also asked if I would put the word out to you journalers, they have pushed up the deadline for the next issue in order to publish it a month earlier with an April 15th deadline, so anyone interested in pursuing publication of your art journal can contact Christen Olivarez,