Wear a Hat!

‘When you wear a hat, you become the dream that started when the hat was conceived. The original energy that was put into the hat doesn’t die; it only changes forms and owners.
The dream doesn’t die; it is passed on, sometimes from
generation to generation’.

This was done on a 14″x18″ stretched canvas. I used acrylics, stamps, transfers, ink, charcoal, water soluble crayon, and graphite to do this mixed media portrait. There is a lot of subtle detail in this piece, the hats hold collaged images of dreams that fill the women’s minds, and there are transferred images of birds in the background. I used molding paste for the foundation, so there is a lot of texture to the work. This is the largest piece I have done. I was worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to adequately fill the space, but I guess I didn’t
have to worry about that.

What’s In A Face?

I have really enjoyed working on mixed media portraits. I can’t describe how fun it is to watch the “ladies” develope on the canvas. They start out as blank slates, no personality, no story. Then as their face takes shape it says something to me. I almost feel like they speak to me and tell me what their message is. Kind of corny maybe, but that’s how it feels. I don’t start these with a title or plan as to how their face will look. I draw the basic shape and then paint the face as I go. Sometimes they look a little sad, or deep in thought, or happy, or peaceful. They each have their own message, their own identity. It is very fulfilling watching them emerge before my eyes. I’m hooked! Here are my latest ones.
I just sold four mixed media portraits this past weekend on Etsy. I have decided to make a limited number of prints for each portrait. We’ll see how that goes. I do like how the prints turned out. I had them done at a print shop on acid free/archival quality paper. This way I can keep one for myself too. I have to admit it is a little sad to see my ladies go and much easier to part with them when I have a little reminder of my own. “A Mother’s Nature” will be going off to her new home this week. She is being given to a mom of a woman who is moving away. A fitting place for her and I’m glad.

Untitled Lady

My fellow ZNE friend, Michelle Dobell, told me about a class she is going to be taking from Paulette Insall http://www.pauletteinsall.com/. So I went to her blog and she does amazing work! So clean and precise looking. Just lovely! She has a very inspiring tutorial video series posted. This piece was inspired by her. I did a different background technique than it looked like she was using, no words on the video, but great music! I think one of the hardest things was trying to get the eyes the same size! It was a fun exercise working on a face. I know all the rules for drawing one in my head, but it’s a lot harder to put them into practice! The bacground texture was created using a stamp from Prickley Pear Rubber stamps. To see their stamps click here, http://www.prickleypear.com/