New Halo Stencils are Now Available!

I just love it when new stencil designs finally come out! Many months before hand they are designed then you get proofs to play with to be sure they are ‘right’ and then you get the final cuts and get to make art with them but you can’t show anyone until they’re released lol! So you keep the fun and excitement to yourself waiting until you can share. Well I can now share my latest line of stencils with you!!! Woo hoo!

Announcing my new line of Halo Stencils!

The Beautiful Halo stencil  features a beautifully detailed halo behind the silhouette of a head which can be used on its own or with my Face Map Front 6×6 stencil and mask. Whether you leave the head area blank and fill it in with journaling or design or add a face, this stencil will add an element of beauty to your work. It’s a simple design that can easily enhanced with your own marks.

Creative HaloThe Creative Halo stencil  is made up of the mask of a face with a halo which is reminiscent of a color wheel. You can use this design on its own or in conjunction with my Face Map Front 6×6 stencil and mask. This stencil and gives an array of creative approaches for you to create a colorful focus to a face in your art journaling, monoprinting, or mixed media artwork.

Faithful Halo

The Faithful Halo is my favorite of this Halo stencil series, and the Maltese Cross inside of a circle that functions as a halo behind the mask of a face is ideal for adding deeper meaning to your work. It also creates a powerful image in art journaling, mixed media, and much more. This design can be used on its own or with my Face Map Front 6×6 stencil and mask.

The Radiant Halo stencil radiates light and positive imagery. The radiant beams coming out from behind the mask of the face are a great place to add journaling, words or patterns on art journal spreads, mixed media artwork, scrapbook layouts, and more. This stencil can be used on its own, or it works perfectly when paired with my Face Map Front 6×6 stencil and mask.


and here’s a little bit of artwork using these stencils to inspire you:-)

NOTE: Some of Seth Apter’s awesome stamps have been used in the making of this art! All other stencils are from Stencil Girl Products!

Analogous Colors at Play

Creating Art at the Speed of Life copy


Today I had time to play with lesson 3 from my book. Analogous colors are so fun to play with in a messy way because you can’t make mud with them! They just keep blending and making beautiful color.


photo 1I first spritzed my page spread with water so I could work wet on wet. (Check out my messy table from yesterday’s print making session!)

photo 2

Then I used Mini Misters (Ranger) to spray some of my acrylic inks onto the page. These will be available soon at Jerrys Artarama! They are great for backgrounds because they’re acrylic and when dry, permanent!! No bleed through. I’m using a non stick teflon sheet to mask off most of the page.

photo 3 photo 4

These pics show the progression as I work my way up the page from the bottom. I chose to use 6 colors. Remember analogous colors are side by side on the color wheel.

photo 5 photo 1

Next I laid a stencil on top (Stencil Girl Products) and then used paper towels to blot off the excess ink. I used 3 different stencils to create an interesting background.

photo 2

I added a color wheel using one of my stencils (Stencil Girl Products) to show the colors I used on the background. Then using a Copying Pencil (these have indelible ink in them and turn a lovely turquoise color when you wet them) and sketched a face. I used the Copying Pencil to stay with my color palette and not overwhelm the page.

photo 3

I activated the pencil with a wet brush.

photo 4

Next I used white and black China Markers to add a little pop to the face with highlights and shadows.

photo 5

I used the Copying Pencil to add some journaling and my page spread is complete. I really like that the image doesn’t overwhelm the page, or cover the background. I may work a bit more on this but I’m done for now.


Color Wheeling

I wanted to take time to explore playing with my new line of paints (these will be available soon from Jerry’s Artarama) for the first lesson in my book. Color Wheels themselves are such a beautiful element to add to a journal page, so I made my page spread full of them! I used my Color Wheel stencils from my line at Stencil Girl Products.

photo 1 photo 2

Next I started to fill in the Color Wheels

photo 3

The paints are very sheer like watercolors only they are acrylic. I love to puddle them and layer them in a watercolor fashion.

photo 4

After I finished with the painting I let the pages dry and then added some journaling about the various color names, types of Color Wheels etc.

photo 5Love the cheery, bright colors, a great opening page for my new journal.



Stencil Girl Blog Hop-Color Wheels and Book Giveaway!!!

Lots of great inspiration and some awesome giveaways today!!! Stencil Girl Products is having a BLOG HOP featuring my Color Wheel Stencils!!

Primary Secondary Tertiary Stencil S115 6"x6"

Primary Secondary Tertiary Stencil S115 6″x6″

Complementary Stencil 6"x6"

Complementary Stencil 6″x6″

Hue Tint Tone Shade Outline Stencil S114  6"x6"

Hue Tint Tone Shade Outline Stencil S114 6″x6″

Hue Tint Tone Shade Stencil S117 6"x6"

Hue Tint Tone Shade Stencil S117 6″x6″

Simple Color Wheels Stencil L151 9"x12"

Simple Color Wheels Stencil L151 9″x12″

Not only are these designs practical for planning out your color palette on various projects or for recording colors used on a journal page, or even to mix custom colors or test new paints, they also make fun and exciting design elements in your work! Here are some samples of my stencils at play in my Art Journal. (Note I’ve used many of my stencil designs in addition to the Color Wheels)

DSC01898 DSC01899

For a stepped out tutorial on how I created the above page visit HERE

DSC01900 DSC01901 DSC01902

Sometimes amazing things happen, like the above page where I used four of my Journal Sense mini 4×4 designs to create a complete face!

Creating Art at the Speed of Life copy

Now it’s time to visit the participating artists on this Blog Hop! They all have posts today showing artwork they created with my stencils!! And the awesome thing is you can leave comments on each blog to up your chances of winning either one of my stencils from Stencil Girl Products or  a signed copy of my just released book, Creating Art at the Speed of Life!!!  So the more comments you leave, the better your chances so leave a comment here and visit these links today!!


Artists on the Block Blog Hop


Sizzix and Stencil Girl Products have teamed up! The next big thing since Artist Trading Cards!!!

Unlike Tags and ATC’s Artist trading blocks (ATB’s) allow you to create in 3-D! Why show only one side of your creativity when you can express yourself with multidimensional style? With Eileen Hull’s (soon to be released) Scoreboards Block dies you can showcase your creative side inside and out on an ATB! Check out The Artists on the Block website!

DSC02029 DSC02030

These are so unbelievably cool!!! I had so much fun creating an ‘Art Tool’ out of my block, with a focus on Color Theory. I used my Color Wheel Stencils and my ATC sized Face/Mask stencils to create a block based off of one of my workshops, “The Real hUe”.


On this side of the block I used my Journal Sense Vision 4×4 stencil and one of the Simple Color Wheel stencils. The fun thing here is the lines from the Vision stencil help link color combinations like, complementary, triad, split complementary, analogous and tetrads. Love it when things just happen to work like this!

DSC02024 DSC02025

On the inside of the box I put the Hue Tint Tone Shade color wheel to use and created mini one hue portraits using my ATC sized Face/Masks stencils.


And what would any Artist Trading Block need to finish it off but a signature block!



When you’re all done creating the whole thing folds up into a cute little cube. Really fun and I can’t wait until the die is available so I can make more!!

About the Hop

  • This is a progressive hop meaning that you will hop from blog to blog all in one day. From here you’ll visit  Carolyn Dube next.
  • There’s a giveaway on StencilGirl Talk consisting of SG product. All comments on the hop are eligible for the giveaway. The more blogs they comment on, the more chances they have to win. Feel free to tell your viewers this. GIveaway will close on Friday, December 13th at 11:59PM Central Time. If you decide you would like to also have a giveaway on your blog please let me know and I will advertise it along with our promotions.
  • HERE is the link to the Artist on the Block FB page and HERE is the link to the StencilGirl website.

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