Brand New Online Workshop!!!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my latest venture with you all! I’m teaching a brand new online workshop through Jeanne Oliver’s amazing website! I will be sharing a variety of my very favorite self portrait studies and techniques that culminate in creating personal art journal page spreads. From Selfie to Self Portrait I will guide you along a journey of discovering you through portraits.

AND to kick things off, I’m offering  a FREE spot to someone I’ll pick from the comments on this post!!!! I’ll choose a winner a week from today and post it on my blog so be sure to leave a comment and check back next Friday to see if the winner is you!!!!!

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  1. What a lovely offer. The class you created sounds intriguing. Learning the techniques for your thought provoking portraits and putting our intimate selves in our art journals is captivating. I would love to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

  2. Wow! So good to see an online workshop from you Pam! I have admired your work for so long and would absolutely love to win a spot for this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I’m thrilled to read that you are offering an online class! I sincerely admire your style and art! I’d truly love to win a spot in your class! Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. This class looks wonderful. I would love to learn from you in a class format since I love your books and have followed you for years. Your artwork truly inspires me. Love and peace, Dawn

  5. O Pam you are such a generous soul! You share your amazing talent so freely. I have your books and all your face stencils and use them often. I find them such a wonderful launching place to explore myself and characters that come through.

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to win! The paper crafting store where I used to attend Art Journal classes has closed. On top of that I’ve moved to a new state In the midst Covid 19 epidemic. This class would be a godsend. I miss my art journaling community and art journaling has always been my friend through all of life’s adventures. Thanks again for the offer
    Brenda Voorhees

  7. Being a big admirer of your creativity, Pam, this sounds like a workshop I would love to take part in. Thanks for giving away a free place . Such a generous offer.
    Thanks for always inspiring x

  8. I so enjoyed working through your book, Art At The Speed of Life. As much as I’d love to do this new course, sadly, I don’t think I’d have all the supplies needed here in Oaxaca where I moved last year.

  9. Super excited! I do miss our time together at art unraveled but I always ask about you when I see Marybeth! Hope all is good and well With you…

  10. Oh yes! Winning a spot on your online course would be wonderful. I’m looking for inspiration to ease myself back into art after having to take some time away. 3 kidlets to look after suddenly is fun but exhausting lol also 3 budding little artists too, might be able to give them some ideas too!

  11. I am looking forward to your online class. You have always been detailed and complete with you explanations and I know it will be well worth my time.

  12. Hi Pam. I always smile when I see you’ve posted. I don’t know if you remember but, I am the lucky winning recipient of one of your amazing prints! I had it framed and it holds pride of place on my entryway gallery wall. Because of your inspiration I purchased your stencils and one of your books along with pencils and pan pastels. I would love to win your workshop. You’re amazing!

  13. wooow, Pam Carriker workshop!!!! Thanks 🙂
    very few things make me happy at this hard time for all of us..but this made my day sunshine 🙂

  14. A dream come true for me! Ever since I took a two day in person class with you in Phoenix a few years ago, I have been trying to work on portraits with your stencils! Would be thrilled to take this class❤️

  15. I was so delighted when I read about your upcoming class! Your classes and stencils have helped me so much to create the faces I’ve always dreamt of drawing. I would appreciate the chance to win this amazing looking class! Congratulations on the new studio and upcoming class.

  16. Golly, gosh, gee whiz! I started at the top of my email list this afternoon and read about your new workshop through Jeanne Oliver’s email and signed up immediately. So don’t include me in your drawing. I am so glad to be able to continue my portrait practice. It’s been several years since I took that on-line class from you, learning how to map the face. I still have a pile of faces I’d pull out of fashion magazines to work on. I’ve already printed out the supply list and feel great that I have just about everything on the list. I am so excite to have you back in my creative life again. Your own work has evolved wonderfully over the years, and I know your growth will enrich my own art practice as you share The Work Art Journal with us. Welcome home, Pam.

  17. So happy to see a post from you Pam-would love to win a spot for this class. I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  18. Course looks like it will be another awesome learning experience! Thanks for the chance to win a spot, that would be wonderful!!!!

  19. I’m so happy you are gifting a free spot in your workshop. It sounds terrific. I’ve followed you for many years and appreciate your work. Thanks.

  20. Greetings all from Vancouver Island!

    So exciting to have on line classes for those that can’t venture out. Wish I could just do on-line classes full time. Lol!
    Art on!
    Happiness & Sunshine

  21. Hello from Switzerland. A long time ago I bought a book from you “Mixed Media Portraits” I get a lot of inspiration from it. If there is an online course now, it’s wonderful!

  22. This is wonderful news. Plus i love Jeanie’s website. I have purchased several classes from her and loved everyone of them. I’ll keep my eyes open for more information on your class and i look forward to learning from you!

  23. Your portraits inspired me to return to drawing faces. Love your stencils that give us a good outline to build on using our own imagination and style. Looking forward to seeing all your great ideas in the upcoming workshop. Thanks for the opportunity to win a seat!

  24. I have needed some much needed inspiration and I would love to view your class. I live your works, and you have such an interesting viewpoint. basically I need a free, fresh approach to creating and leading me back into the world of creativity!

  25. I have always loved your work and have been so inspired by your magazine articles and books. I especially like your color work with unusual palettes. I would so to win this class.

  26. Pam – glad to see that you are teaching an online class. Enjoyed the class video introduction. A lot of fun and varied techniques. Would love to win a spot. Thank you.

  27. The class I was amazing! I’ve always loved your style, Pam. I Purchased several of your books and drool when I go through them.

  28. This class sounds amazing! I’ve read & enjoyed your books but haven’t had the pleasure of taking a class with you. I’m looking forward to it!

  29. This class sounds amazing. I love portraiture but to be honest the thought of a self portrait scares me a little, but I’d love to learn from you. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Yahoo! I am so excited to have another opportunity to learn from you! You are knowledgeable and fun. I love your classes.

  31. So glad to hear you’ll be teaching an online class. I have enjoyed and learned from your books. I’m sure your class will be great!

  32. Sounds great! Just the thing to give my creativity a juice boost. I love doing spreads in journals and altered books. Maybe my Irish ☘️ luck will win me a spot. I’ve been trying to think of a project that would include my various ancestries.

  33. How Perfect! I am an abstract artist, and have resisted even trying to draw a face (without the help of one of your stencil’s ;). But I would like to learn. Hoping you will also teach more about achieving your lovely blended backgrounds. Thank you for doing this; I would so love to take your new class!!

  34. Pam: Before all the brewhaha (about this new virus) I was thinking about portraits – especially self. I have been diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Dementia – and I need something to challenge me. It would be wonderful to win a spot. Sheila

  35. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free spot! Just purchased Mixed Media Portraits and am looking forward to working my way through that book. Love your work!

  36. First learned about portraits from you so beyond excited for another class! Would love to win and thank you for the opportunity!

  37. That’s great! Glad to see this. Good luck! Love Jeanne Oliver and her website so I’m sure your class will be amazing!

  38. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see that Pam was once again offering classes! I can’t wait to see what she has lined up. I am a huge fan! I would be super excited to win a spot!

  39. O my, how lovely, I would LOVE to win a spot along with all the other commenters! Thank you for the opportunity, Pam! I have been a big fan for a long time! Blessings!

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