Thermofax Screen Printing Essentials for Fabric, Paper, & Mixed Media


Thermofax Screen Printing Essentials for Fabric, Paper, & Mixed Media is a new DVD from Lynn Krawczyk and it is full of fun projects and information about Thermofax printing!


Learn the facts about Thermofax screen printing from Lynn Krawczyk!

Looking for an easy way to integrate screen printing into your artwork? Discover Thermofax® screen printing, an accessible and easy surface design technique. Artist, fabric designer, and author Lynn Krawczyk shares everything you need to know in the Quilting Arts Workshop video Thermofax Screen Printing Essentials For Fabric, Paper, & Mixed-Media. First, learn how to create and modify artwork for burning onto screens. Next, Lynn shares tips for using the screens on different surfaces using a variety of products, including fabric paint, thickened dye, discharge agents, and more. Lynn expands this process from simply printing an image on fabric to creating sophisticated texture, layered color, and interesting depth on many different substrates. This is a must-have technique video for surface design enthusiasts.


I now have a Thermofax machine and I use the screens mostly for printing on paper substrates and I included a project in my book, Mixed Media Portraits that uses Thermofax screens, but before I did I met Lynn online and ordered screens directly from her. I love that I could send my own designs to her and have custom screens printed! It’s so fun to incorporate Thermofax printing right into your own artwork.

Here are some pieces I’ve done using screens.



Journal page painting on top of Thermofax printscan0013


Journal page using Liquid Pencil Sketching Ink to pull a print

MixedMediaSurfaceDesign2 copy

Collaboration with Mary Beth Shaw for one of our workshops

Mixed Media Surface Design 1


Mixed media collage with Thermofax prints

Facing the Thermofax 1 pcarriker

From print to screen to journal

Facing the Thermofax 3pcarriker

Using multiple colors with multiple screens

Lynn goes way beyond using paper substrates in the video, really something for anyone interested in this type of surface design, covering a wide range of substrates and mediums to use with Thermofax screens as well as information about making the screens themselves. I learned a lot and I own a machine! I think you will love exploring the Thermofax and this DVD is the way to go. And Lynn is going to be giving away Two Thermofax Screens and Three DVD’s on her blog so be sure to stop there to enter!!!

Cover JPeg

I’m hosting a little giveaway here in honor of the Thermofax and will be drawing a name from the comments to give away a copy of my book and the piece of original art from my Thermofax project in the book!!!


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