Ring in the New Year with New Stencils!!!

I’m very excited to announce that my new line of stencils with Stencil Girl Products is now available! 

Gross Anatomy 6 x 6″ Stencils

Inside My Head


One Breath at a Time

S274-1Listen to Your Heart

These stencils reflect on personal struggles of the past year and will add powerful imagery to your art journaling and other mixed media work.

Here is a stepped out look at creating a journal spread with one of my new stencils


This page started off on a partially stenciled background using my Acrylic Inks and a copy of a sketch adhered with Mixed Media Adhesive, to give a nice matte finish to the page. Then I traced the stencil design with a Pitt Artist Pen. Using a small sponge dauber I applied Liquid Frisket through the stencil. Let it dry. The Liquid Frisket will mask off the stencil design to preserve the colors underneath.


I adhered more imagery using Mixed Media Adhesive and chose my color palette for the page. I’m using my Fluid Matt Sheer Acrylics in the following analogous color palette, Turquoise, Rain, Olive, Celedon and using a complementary color to Turquoise, Mustard Seed.


Because I’ve masked off the stencil design I can freely paint over the top of it with layers of color.


Using a Liquid Frisket removal tool, I can easily pull off the masking to reveal the page underneath.


I love how it went slightly outside the lines of the stencil design. This gives more interest to the page.

DSC02187The completed journal page using paints to define the face and imagery.

Here are some more pages done using my new stencils

DSC02189 DSC02186 10906502_10204501136586070_7808242179632644204_n

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  1. My new “gross” stencils arrived yesterday. Ironically, On Friday I learned that one of the reasons I have been struggling with energy/exhaustion issues is sleep apnea. How appropos, to be able to journal this journey to better health with your 3 newest stencils -getting oxygen into my airway and lungs, easing my overworked heart, and soothing my worried brain. I am so blessed to have an answer to this limitating diagnosis; equipment to help concur my problem from the CPAP device which is easy to use while sleeping, and stencils that will help me tell my sory while documenting my progress. THANK YOU PAM,

  2. I have a one year anniversary loyalty coupon with Stencil Girl and now I know what I will be ordering! I, too, at first wondered how I might use these stencils, but listening to your video, all kinds of inspiration came to mind. And your words about some issues in your life right now particularly resonated with me as I’m about to become a caregiver for a family member. Thank you for sharing so openly and for the inspiration. Now, to go order my stencils (and I intend to preorder your book as well–it should make the perfect companion to your instructional DVD–this is the year I hope to spend some time with that). Thanks again, Pam.

  3. Happy New Year, Pam,

    I got an announcement from Stencil Girl yesterday and placed my order. This morning I got their message that my new stencils are on their way to me. I am so excited to begin my year with new paints and stencils and a newly made journal in which to create! Thank you for your wonderfully fun products and inspiration!

    With love in my art! Lorna

  4. Love the new stencils and I do see their possibilities! It’s on my wish list….but I must spend more time using what I bought in 2014 first! And….I’m waiting for your new book which is “in the mail.” Your teaching has truly enable artistic growth for me. Thanks!

    • Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. To each his/her own;-) Good thing is there are so many designs at Stencil Girl that there is surely something for everyone. These images speak to me on a personal and deep level, that’s why I created them as stencils. I think they are powerful.

  5. Just bumped your stencils to the top of my must buy list right after your new book. I already had the video and watched it over the Christmas holidays. I was inspired by your well done presentation so I am totally on board with trying your stencils.

All comments are read and greatly appreciated!

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