Artful Gathering Blog Hop!!

Celebrating Artful Gathering 2013 Online Art Retreat
Blog Hop your way for chance to win!

From June to August will be presenting TWO exciting semesters of premiere online video workshops offered by fabulous artists who are known nationally and internationally. We are all very excited to share ourknowledge, skill, and creativity with you, and we hope that you will join us for this AMAZING annual online event.

Blog Hop with us for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate towards an Artful Gathering 2013 online video workshop(s).

(Gift certificate applicable to workshops only and does not apply towards kits or dvds).
Each week I will announce the next featured blog for you to visit, and there you will find a new secret word or words that you will need to collect along your way. Once you have collected all the words from each blog you visit, they will work out to say a very artsy phrase. Here are the rules:
  1. For your chance to win, you must collect all the secret code words and submit them upon the final destination blog in May. A random drawing will be conducted from those participants who have submitted the complete collection of secret words. 
  2. Only one winner will be randomly drawn from the list of participants who have collected all the secret words.
Remember to collect all the secret words. These words will work out to say a very artful phrase, and you’ll need all the pieces to be eligible for the final prize drawing!
Please HOP over and visit the Amazing
Nancy Malay
(Pick Up the Next Secret Word)


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  1. Hi Pam, where is the next secret word. the list said Pam’s blog (I assume was you) was supposed to be up on the 16th Feb. it is now the 18th?

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