Abandoned Art

The amazing Michael DeMeng has started a group on FaceBook called Art Abandonment. The concept is simple. Leave a piece of artwork behind when you go out somewhere. Spread our love of all things art by leaving some beauty behind with contact info on it so hopefully we may find out where some of our little ‘treasures’ end up.

Here’s a little video from Michael explaining the groups purpose
And here is my first ‘Abandoned Art’ left at Texas Land and Cattle Co restaurant last night.

I didn’t have prepared art with me so instead I used the kiddie crayon and napkin on our table to draw a little portrait while waiting for our food to arrive. I decided to leave it in the restroom after the waitress saw and commented on it when she passed by our table. On our way out the door I checked and it was gone so either someone picked it up or used it to dry their hands, lol.

If the person who found it happens by this way I hope you will leave a comment so I can share with the group.

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