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If you follow me on facebook you probably have seen my ‘Sketch du jour’ images. I try to post them daily, just as I try to sketch daily.

Sketching is a discipline that I challenged myself to take up in 2008. As time has gone by, I’ve seen improvement in my work and it’s become a thing I look forward to at the end of the day.

I’ve also gotten faster which makes it very easy to squeeze in 20 minutes or so at the end of the day.

I get inspiration from books and magazines. Mostly I do portraits because I love the intricate shading process, but I also sketch objects laying around. It really doesn’t matter what you sketch as long as you do it.

It’s like exercising ( I know-groan, but it gets easier the more you do it) you get stronger when you exercise those muscles!

Last year during the holiday season, I was working on a portrait a day for 30 days, Page du jour you can find these entries through the search feature. It’s always good to push yourself with a little challenge. Right now I ‘m pushing myself to finish my current Moleskine journal so I can begin work in a brand new 8 1/2 x 11 Moleskine Sketchbook on January 1, 2012. It never hurts to have a little ‘prize’ waiting for you!

So as I get ready to travel and see my family before Christmas, this is all I’ll be taking with me, along with my journal. I’m going to use my travel time to hopefully meet my goal and finish this journal. Looking forward to the New Year and the promise it brings. Time to start thinking about your goals and resolutions to make ‘it’ happen in 2012!

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  1. Hi Pam
    Absolutely love your art. You inspired me to start sketching last year and having seen your current work and words of advise; have once more inspired me to sketch and hope in 2012 to do a sketch each day. Thank you for sharing and helping. Best Wishes for the New Year.

  2. pam if there was a book about your portraits and how you start them, I would buy it in a heartbeat!! You drawings are just wonderful to look at, I always enjoy your posts!! Please write another book….
    I hope you’ll enjoy your new moleskine!!! tc Jeanet

  3. Hi Pam…These new sketches are simply beautiful. Your work shows the truth of the advice you always give us, that the more you sketch the better your work becomes. It is so inspiring that you share your art journey with everyone; you live your own teaching, and there is no better way to teach.
    I have been working in my journal and it allows me to try things I wouldn’t ordinarily try. Thank you so much for your support.

  4. Pam
    I got out of the sketching habit…and am starting with the Strathmore classes in January…some motivation to keep going. I started the first class but life got in the way of it.

    Your portrait sketches are impressive. Thanks for sharing them.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  5. Hi Pam,

    I’ve just finished your 5 journal videos and loved them to pieces. I’ve also got your book and find it filled with inspiration. Now I’m following your blog and love that I get emails to remind me to look at your posts. I’m going to do more journal goal-setting in 2012 and your posts will help me keep going.

    Very grateful for you! Thanks!

  6. That was food for thought and eye candy desert to look at all of your delectable drawings. Thanks Pam
    Also, I want to buy your new products–medium and liquid graphite. I tried to look it up online but can’t seem to buy it. Where can I buy it for my up and coming 2012 goals?

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  7. Hi, Pam you are such an inspiration to me. Your portraits are so beautiful. Quite unique and different from what everyone else is doing.
    I recently went into a deep depression and it affected my creating quite a bit, to the point where picking up a pencil to sketch anything was impossible. All the beautiful projects from the sites I belong to got put aside and now I’m so behind in everything I don’t see how I’m going to be able to catch up.
    Your idea of sketching something every day has been on my mind ever since I heard you mention it on youtube and even though I haven’t yet put it into practice, I have it on my list of goals for my “Genesis”.
    Thank you so much for being who you are Pam. I count myself among the lucky people that has had the pleasure of being inspired by someone like you. Iris

    • The carrier is just a pencil pouch that I bought a few years ago. I take my journaling supplies in it, I just happen to have the pencils in there now because they’re what I’m using most. You can find them anywhere. The pencils I bought individually, they didn’t come in a set.

  8. Have enjoyed watching your work over the last several years. Your practice really shows in your strong lines & confident shading. Enjoy your travels! Look forward to seeing what inspires you next

  9. Hi Kristin-
    Yay, glad you get to go to Seattle too! I’m hitting Ivars as soon as possible for a cup of clam chowder-lol!
    I love these pencils, they are Caran d’ache Grafwood. They were a little spendy, but they have lasted well and I love that the outside is painted according to the lead hardness-so much easier than trying to read the tiny writing on the pencil!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Pam – thanks so much! I just love your work and it just keeps getting better. You inspire me to keep at my art, even with my weird dislocation! But I live alone now, so the dining table is now always an art table!!!!

      have a GREAT time at Ivars – nothing says Seattle like some good clam chowder! Have a wonderful holiday. Kristin

  10. Pam – I love the orderliness of all your pencils. I’ve taken to doing more sketching as well, but don’t have your tools – what pencils are you using here? Christmas is a good time to ask for Santa to bring me some if I can tell him what I need! Have a great trip home – I get to go home to Seattle, too! Kristin

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