Give It, Spill It, Work It

Wow. I’m just back from Art Is…You Retreat on the East Coast. If you have not ever been to a retreat I highly recommend it! The energy is unbelievable and you come home full of inspiration. The emails and texts have been flying back and forth since I’ve been back and it’s truly amazing to see people gathering courage to go forward with their artistic goals!

Art at the Speed of Life contributors, Seth Apter, Nancy Lefko, and Jodi Ohl

While there I had the pleasure of teaching in the same room as Diana Trout. She is amazing as is her art and she graciously donated a copy of her book Journal Spilling and a packet of special collage materials to give away on my blog!

Diana’s book is full of ways to let yourself go and play in your journal. I love her free approach that allows you to enjoy the process of making art and not worry so much about the process. She shares many ideas and ways to journal fearlessly and I’m excited for one of you to win this giveaway! So just leave a comment and on October 14th I will draw one of your names!


Beginning October 15th I will be offering the last of my workshops for 2011. You can read about them HERE. I’m clearing my plate after this to concentrate on a couple of big projects so if you are wanting to take a workshop now is the time! They will run from October 15th-November 15th but I’m offering something I’ve not done before and that is video downloads come with the class! So you can keep creating all winter long. This is the last time I will be offering these workshops. To kick things off I’m going to give away your choice of one of the five to another name drawn from this post!

(If you have already signed up for the workshops I will refund the fee for one workshop if your name is drawn)

So, leave a comment and on the 14th journaling inspiration will be given away!


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