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It’s hard to believe three weeks have gone by and that we are now ‘Texans’! We have worked like crazy packing, driving, unpacking and getting our new life in order. We do still have a ways to go but things are coming along. My studio is last on my list of ‘To Do’ things, partly because my families needs come first. Hubby has to be able to go to work and my 5th grader started school this week, so the house has to be up and running.

I also have been holding off so I can enjoy the experience a bit. It’s not often that you get to completely reorganize your creative space starting with a blank slate. I want to take my time a bit and add some areas that will help me be more efficient with my time. So my studio has looked just like this until a couple of days ago.

The first thing I concentrated on was just getting the furniture where I wanted it. I love this little office nook for my desk!

I like having my work table in the middle of the room with the window on either side.

This is where I’ll have my reading area with my comfy over-sized ottoman to relax on. To the left of this I will have a permanent video taping area. I’m going to put up my Ott lites, tripod, camera,  and a long table reserved for shooting video. One thing that wastes time is having to clear off my work space when I want to shoot a video. I usually have many projects going on at once, so having different work stations will help a lot.

I put my taboret and an easel against this wall so I have a second painting area and my PanPastels are here too. What you can’t see in these photos is the large walk in closet. That will hold packing/shipping supplies and product. I’m trying to remember to take pictures of the progress so I can share the fun with you. More next week!

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