New DVD Giveaway!

I’m so excited-my new DVD from Interweave came in today’s mail! In fact they sent me a few extras, so I’m going to give one away here!

What do you have to do to enter? Just leave a comment about what you like about art journaling on this post and in one week, on July 27th (my birthday gift to you:-) I’ll use a random number generator to select one of the posts. Please be sure to leave a website or email addy so I can contact the winner!

Oh, and if the posts go over 100 I’ll give away 2 DVD’s!

Here’s a sneak peek~

280 responses

    • I’m taking Pam’s portrait class on right now and would love to learn her art journaling techniques. I haven’t done much art journaling and judging from the other comments here, I think that her DVD might just be the impetus that I need.

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  2. Your techniques have helped to boost my confidence and learn to ignore the critic. I love exploring with the materials, overpainting, using words, collage bits. It’s for me, but it would be nice to leave some personal and artistic journals for my children and grandchildren to treasure one day.

  3. To me, art journaling is a chance to try out new techniques without worrying about it not turning out, as well as a way to express my thoughts and discover what is really important in my life.

    • Journaling is not only my artistic outlet but also a dairy of sorts. It does not seem to hold the came fear as a large blank canvas. It is free to be me kind of a thing. Love it.

  4. I find that doing art journaling helps me to express things i dont want I don’t want anyone else to see except me, I can cover it up knowing that I have put it down on paper and feel a release of my feelings . I also feel it is helping me to become free in my artistic expression. I have improved my artistic ability to draw and paint freely without worrying about the end result, because it is only my journal, nobody elses. I find it an exciting expression of me, and it encourages and motivates me in other areas of art. I ENJOY freely my arts and crafts and feel that this medium of expression helps me immensely. I would dearly love to win a DVD which would encourage me even more, thankyou, love all your help with journalling dont ever stop!

  5. Hi Pam. Art journaling is still pretty new to me, but i literally cant spend one moment of the day look up tutorials, pictures blogs, and materials on it. Art journaling is my new passion. It gives me a way to be able to open up my heart. I never thought i could do it at first because i am NOT perfect, but then it made me realize that i dont have to be, and that is my favorite part. the most important thing is that when i am art journaling i actually do feel free.

  6. This would be a great addition to my Library. I love making Art Journals, it gives me an Avenue for expression, which I don’t have in Quilting. I enjoy so many different mediums and love to learn New ways to use them.
    It also gives me the freedom to do what ever I want.
    Thank you for this giveaway.
    Pam Nixon

  7. Art journaling for me is about discover myself in many ways. I can use a lot of different materials en writing text that tells me something about me! It makes me learn that time for myself is a good thing…

  8. Good Morning,

    I would love to win one of your CD’s.

    I think art journaling has helped me to express myself in different ways and at times when I don’t want anyone else to see what is there except me, I can cover it up but still know that I have put it down on paper and released those feelings. I also feel it has helped me to grow as an artist. I have come so far in my ability to draw and paint in the last year or so because I started journaling. I am so excited about that and so enjoy my crafts and art now.

    Thanks for the offer, Regards, Cindy

  9. I hope this doesn’t post twice. I tried once already but it doesn’t look like it worked.
    Art journaling has opened up a whole new world of expression.
    thanks for entering me in your dvd giveaway.
    Betty Ann
    uhomeschool at yahoo dot com

  10. I just began art journaling. The thing I love about it the most is that there is no right or wrong way. It is so personal. I just finished my first page and the time that I worked on it was a joy!

  11. I’m so excited to watch your new DVD. I am heading into major surgery next week and will use this as a carrot for healing. Originally I had hoped to see you in Petaluma, but thought my recovery really wouldn’be be quick enough to enjoy your workshops. This way, I can work at my own healing pace. I’ve also got my fingers crossed that I can sign up for your 2012 Italy adventure before you fill up. But I must wait until after surgery to know what I can expect. Meanwhile thank you for your inspiration and your art. I am so glad you are able to share your gifts with me.


  12. What I love most about art journaling is all the wonderful people who share about it, and the myriad ways of going about this creative process. Congratulations on all your success, Pam. And many blessings on your birthday. Hope Oshkosh is good to you!

  13. What I love about art journaling is the people who share their ideas about it, and the myriad ways of approaching the creative process. Congratulations on all your success, Pam. And many blessings on your birthday.

  14. Your birthday is the same day as my hubbie’s… cool. I love doing journal pages, because each page is it’s own creative art piece.. not just a page, but to me, a great art page. Sometimes, I put so many hours into one page and get lost in the process.

  15. I loved this video, had some great ideas that sparked a creative idea for me. I love art journaling. I keep several journals at a time so that I can experiment with different papers, media and ideas. I am enjoying your blog and videos. Would love to have a new one in the giveaway.

  16. Pam, I am also a newbie. I just love everything about are journaling and you make it look so fun and easy. Hopefully I will be as good as you are one day. Thanks and I hope to win the DVD.

  17. I love art journaling because I can play, explore, make a big mess and then discover something new about myself which is very healing.

  18. Your book, “Art at The Speed of Life” introduced me to art journalling and I am hooked. It provides a way to create without alot of barriers. I look at it as brain exercise, a great forum for self expression and working the right side of my brain, a springboard for using color, collage, writing, words, design, resist, all of my art supplies that I have amassed over the years…it’s the perfect avenue for someone like me…an artist at heart.

  19. I am hooked on art journaling because of you and Paula. I am already planning on ordering both of your DVDs, but will send this in anyway, just in case!! Thanks for all of your wonderful instruction on Utube and your blog.

  20. I love art journaling because I can combine my love of words with my love of color. I can experiment and try new techniques. I love art journaling because you can pour out your heart and if you don’t want anyone to read it, you can cover it all up with paint. You know it ‘s there but no one else does. Art journaling allows you to be yourself and not worry about making a beautiful work of art (though that’s great, too). You can express yourself and not worry about what other people think.

  21. Pam,
    Art journaling to me is a self experssion of words and art. It helps me focus in on creating and I feel good with a sense of accomplishment. Love the giveway.

    Blessings, Cathy Garrett

  22. Happy Birthday!<3 Journaling is a learning process for me as I learn to play and have fun with art, and by my side my daughter which sometimes helps me discover a new medium when she scribbles jeje

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PAM<3 Journaling for me a learning process for me as I learn to have fun and play with ART!<3 Vanessa Evers

  24. For me art journaling is a chance to experiment and be adventurous in the comfort of my own room. I’m learning things about myself all the time and I’m growing creatively. You are inspirational.
    Big love

  25. I’m still in learning process, took one of your workshops before and love your techniques. One of the things I like about journaling is that my doodles suddenly look more like art, it has given me a new perspective on things.

  26. What I don’t want to reveal in words to the world can be done in images which reminds me what I felt that day/time. It makes for more interest by adding pictorial content so I do enjoy journaling in this way – appeals more to the artistic side of me.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  27. Happy Birthday to you and congrats! What I love about art journaling is that I can express my feelings by journaling while doing so in an artistic way.

  28. i love that art jounaling has started to bring out my creative side in new ways. my “art” has always been photography in the past.

  29. Art journalling allows me to make a visual diary of my life. An image gives so many visual clues to anyone looking at a journal. Images tell me more than words how I was feeling, what was in my heart at the time, where it is all leading. Journals are treasures to be kept and shared with your closest friends, the ones you love most and who know you, the real you.

  30. Discovered art journaling only a few weeks ago. But now I know it is THE thing I’ve been looking for 😉
    What I like most about it is that it combines different creative pursuits: writing, drawing, painting,…

  31. I have recently discovered to journal with art
    So many ways to uplift my heart
    I paint, draw, stamp, stitch, cut and glue
    Old techniques blend with new
    No pressure, no expectations perfection’s not the goal
    But every moment is good for the soul
    Now I’ve started I cannot stop
    My Art Journal is hard to top!

    Ha, ha maybe I should stick to the Art Journal instead of the poetry but it really does make my heart sing. And I do love the inspiration that I get from you Pam *hugs*

  32. I love the stuff you do with colours and textures, I’m still a bit timid applying all that to my journals! There is sooooo much to learn and so little time to get it all done!

  33. What I love about art journaling: there are no rules. It’s purely and only just for me, unless I choose to share. No expectations, lots of adventures!

  34. As cheesey as it sounds, I am a HUGE fan of your work and hope, hope, HOPE I get picked for one of the DVD’s. You’re awesome – even if I don’t get picked. Thanks for sharing your work, your techniques and your abundance!

  35. I am a beginner at art journaling so I could really use your new dvd. I love your book Art at the Speed of Life and have lots of little page markers sticking out and ruffling the edges. Congrats on the dvd.

  36. I had a chance to take your online class Angel Anthology last year and loved it. I love to learn and incorporate your techniques into my work. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more! Your artwork is fantastic.

  37. For me, the most awesome thing about art journaling is the supplies. I love the variety of tools and supplies incorporated from other art venues. Every day I use at least one or two things that my grandmother used in her studio (which was passed down to me)…pen nibs, brushes, old Sargent pastels, stuff from my own jewelry and stained glass studio, ranch rust which i’ve picked up over the years…everything works it’s way into some phase of my books. And now, with so many free videos online, I have learned many new techniques (I just made my first alcohol inks and glimmer mist).I recently found your site and instantly knew there is so much more to learn…Thanks for all that you give.

  38. What I love about art journaling is assembling my materials, the experimentation, the colors, textures, papers, images seem to talk to me and I just play until it feels right. Would simply love to have the DVD. good luck to all my fellow art journalers!

  39. What I love about art journaling is there are no mistakes. I can try something and cover it up with gesso if I don’t like it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  40. Oh Dear Pam!
    What I am so enjoying about Art Journalling is that it is so new to me. When I recently “discovered” you it was like a key was turned and a whole new world openned up! I love the sense of freedom and openness I feel as I create these unintimidating works of Art! And I feel so blessed to have found exactly the right teacher in you! Thank you so much!

  41. Art journaling allows me to create art with thought. Adding bits of my daily ramblings along with the flow of my creative juices brings them to life. Art journalling validates my otherwise disconnected thoughts. 🙂

  42. Congrats on your new DVD! How exciting!

    What I like about art journaling…well, there are many things, but a favorite aspect is the freedom it allows me. I know that I never have to show it to anyone, if I so choose. For me, there are no mistakes in art journaling – anything can be reworked or covered up or added to.

    Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  43. I started this year with mixed media art journaling. I have enjoyed playing with so many different types of media that I have never played with. My art is not as talented as others but it is mine and I am learning.

  44. Art journaling to me is the sum of all my work so far in life…I am 50-something and have always wanted so badly to be an “artist”. I have always been crafty, but never thought of my art as “artistic”….well, through the wonderful art community online I have found that (gasp) I really am an artist, just needed someone to tell me…It has been an eye-opener and now I am turning out art like never before. It has been great therapy and has set me on a very different path than I had thought. I am having so much fun!

  45. I am new to art journaling but I love the feeling of expressing myself in a safe environment and also it’s like playing again!

  46. Hi Pam, I love journalling as I can take it everywhere I go and can create anywhere. I’d be lost without it. I find it very theraputic. A visual journal is the ultimate travel companion. My fingers are crossed as I would love to win your Dvd. Good luck everyone.
    kyles 😀

  47. the 27th is a lucky day for me too! My oldest daughter’s birthday and she will be 18! I love the liberation of art journaling… playing with color, form, text…..

  48. i dont know if my previous comment is on here…looked but cant find it…hope i dont disqualify myself by doing this again…but i dont want to pass up a chance to win your dvd!
    I love art journaling because it is allowing me to find myself amidst all the daily to dos and to care a little about myself as i go about caring for others in my world.

  49. I would love to win a CD with your tips on it. You are an inspiration to me and I just love your work, it is always so well thought out and beautiful.

    While journaling can be therapeutic in many ways I feel art journaling gives me a way to express myself visually, emotionally, and verbally all at the same time and not think about the outcome of the page because I can always gesso over it and start again. LOL!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Regards, Cindy

  50. i’m so proud of you pam! how wonderful to have the opportunity to make a video. loved the sneak peek! you did a wonderful job! i love journaling because it allows me to unleash creative ideas i had no idea were inside of me. it’s so fun to see what gets uncovered when i sit down at my journals. you birthday is right around the corner – i hope it’s fantastic!

  51. Gee, I am trying to motivate myself to start art journaling. I love your art style. I was soooo excited when I first saw you in my stamping magazine. I would love to receive your new DVD so hope I am the random winner. I am so happy to see you going forward in your creative adventure. 🙂

  52. I love ARt Journaling as I love to see this flat, slim book evolve into a thick, fat book that is filled with what ever emotion I might have chosen that day to express. Either exposed to see or said and covered, either way its my emotions all right there for only my eyes to see. Fun for me to see each page what I choose right then ,to paint,write, dabble,doodle then seeing much later, that same page once again. Always I find, I am adding to a certain page,even a year later.

  53. I’ve been art journaling for about 4 years now, and love how it puts my life into perspective. It helps me to find the humor in situations, and reminds me that I am a creative artistic person. Even when I don’t feel like I am.

  54. I’m new to mixed media work. My past (and current) work has been in graphic design, event design and interior design. Last year I started a subcription to CPS and was connected to your book, Art at the Speed of Life. After reading in it last night I figured I would connect to some other artists’ blogs and I’m making my first art journal today! Thanks for your inspirations!

  55. I am new to art journaling. I love the fact that there are no mistakes. This coming from a left brained person. I am attempting to refind my right side and doing art journalling is fun. I would love to win your dvd. I think it will help me to go a long ways in this journey.

  56. Thank you for the opportunity to win your new DVD. I love art journaling. I love creating painted/inked “atmosphere” on which to express my thoughts. Your work is beautiful, and I appreciate your generosity. My birthday is the 25th. How funny would that be if your birthday present was my birthday present!

  57. art journalin is a new occupation for me? It is my secret helper – to push my creativuty, to keep my ideas reacheable, to relax, etc, etc!

  58. I’ve long admired all that I have seen of art journals, but I have always been hesitant to start my own. I’m currently taking your workshop at Artful Gathering. I’m enjoying the freedom to experiment and would love to learn more. Mary

  59. What do I love about art journaling. I love that there is not limits as to what you can do. Paint, paper, stickers, glitter, ink….whatever your heart desires. I love that I can write what I am feeling and if I don’t want others to read I can create an art page over it, but somehow I don’t ever forget what I was feeling when I created it. I love how free it makes me feel!

  60. Oh that’s awesome! I’m a beginning mixed media – well artist is maybe a big word – but im starting to discover my mixed media path. Loved the sneak-peak 🙂

  61. I love the written word – paper – art and the creative process! I always have and I always will! Learning some new techniques with the DVD would be great and appreciated, too 🙂

  62. I am new to art journaling and loving the creative freedom it brings….its so much fun! Your DVD looks wonderful 🙂

  63. Hi Pam, Congratulations, how excited you must be and the upcoming trip next year.
    I love to art journal for art journalling’s sake, stress release, experiment with new techniques and just have plain fun.

  64. I love using my art journal to try techniques and colour combinations; it gives me the freedom to try something without judging – the perfect place for allowing creativity to grow!

  65. I love the freedom to just paint, write, doodle… without feeling like it has to be perfect!! That truly is what makes art journaling fun = ) Thanks for offering such an awesome give away…whoa!

  66. Hey Pam,
    just got your book, and am really enjoying it! Congrats on the DVD! I love journaling, but I have so much to say that sometimes the words take precedence over the “art” part of it, so I’m working on getting some backgrounds done in advance, so I don’t have to wait when I just GOTTA write! Thanks for the inspiration..
    Jana in Nixa

  67. I have recently started Art Journaling and I love the freedome of just letting my “in the moment” feelings take over when creating. I’m not a harsh critic on my work because there is no right or wrong, it’s just feelings!

  68. Love the video, Pam! What an awesome giveaway. THanks for the chance of winning. 🙂 What I love about journaling is that I can pour my soul out and then cover it with paint. I’m lef with beautiful artistic expression in a book. 🙂

  69. Art journaling is the best way to record small, everyday moments that would otherwise be forgotten. When you sketch something, the details of where you were, what you thought about, who you talked with, etc., become embedded in memory more vividly than if you took a photograph or merely jotted some notes.

  70. For me art journaling is a personal exercise in art where I can’t make any mistakes, can practice new methods, and express myself freely.

  71. I, too, would love this, as I am trying to push myself into doing more of it and need an extra inspiration…I am a fine artist – who really needs to journal more…Your lessons at Strathmore were very helpful in getting me to begin! Thanks!

  72. Wow! Would love to win Your DVD…
    Art journaling is an excuse for me to open my box of art materials
    and use this and that and feel like a kid again!
    Thank you for this chance/

  73. Great Give-away! The thing I like about art journaling is the fact that I’m telling MY story. I can choose to paint, doodle, glue, stamp, etc but it is still MY story. My legacy to my grandchildren…

  74. Hi Pam – your friend Gill from the UK here 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 27th, and thank you for the opportunity to win one of your new DVD’s.

    Art Journaling for me is a form of being creative that can be as private or public as I want it to be. It is a format for experimentation – trying out new ideas, materials and techniques that I may then want to use in other artwork.

  75. i didnt even take a sneak peek cause i know that if you did it then i would love it. how sweet of you to give us a present on your birthday! i sure hope you have a great one…blow out all those candles and make that wish come true. hugs,lura

  76. What do I love about art journaling?
    I love that I can express myself with out really be able to know how to actually draw and still creative something beautiful that has meaning.

    As a crafter and creative thinker since birth, I have always looked for ways to fit in my kind of art. I have seen different techniques of journaling and mixed media, but nothing really clicked until I found Pam’s website. I was hooked and I knew that it was for me. I have been so inspired!

  77. New to art journaling and have been inspire by what you do. I like journaling because I can try new techniques and express my ideas in a non stress manner.

  78. Art journaling is a form of meditation for me. It gives the “monkey mind” a way to express itself. I can create with abandon.

  79. I’m still new to art journaling. I am drawn to the uninhibited artistic expression. Your journal is a place to try new things, enjoy the creative process, and perhaps learn a little bit about yourself.

  80. I was so excited about the new dvd that I ordered one but would love to be able to give a friend a copy too! I’ve always kept an art journal since childhood and used to think that I was the only one. Sooooo happy to see that my life’s passion is shared by so many.

  81. hey girlfriend, great lookin’ DVD….so excited for you! I think you know what my heart loves about art journaling….the freedom, adventure, escape, therapy, release, joy, playtime, safety and more that it gives me. And I don’t think I’d know all that were it not for the classes I took with you! Thanks 🙂 and happy birthday, in advance.

  82. I have wanted to try art journaling for ages, I know I am creative and desperately need something to express this. I have now gathered a lot of the materials needed to get started, I even have a Moleskine……..but I am too afraid to mess up a page!!!!!! I NEED HELP!

  83. I read your book and instead of writing about my day I made and art journal page using many of the ideas from the book. I used your glue ideas. So I watched trash on TV about weddings a dress appeared I cut out my black dress it appeared with bits of fabric and paper pattern. My mail order arrived so there were black panty hose every where plus my new boots and all on a background of patterned cardigan Oh I forgot tried knitting cut it up and glued it to the edge. I loved the approach.
    Jo Findley

  84. New to art Journaling but love it as have the freedom to be as creative and expressive as one wants – great therapy!

  85. Ms. Carriker, you clearly underestimate yourself if you thought you were going to have any problems going over 100 comments! All I have to do is look at the print of yours that hangs over the doorway in my 7-yr-old daughter’s bedroom to know that your art appeals to many, many people. So pat yourself on the back and smile, as you have earned it.

    Art journaling for me is something that I am still trying to embrace. I did the three Strathmore workshops and have nearly every book published on the subject. I’m great at doing the prep work on the pages–it’s the part about adding honest content that tends to stop me in my tracks every time. But with great determination, I get closer every time, and I learn to listen to my heart . . . that’s what art journaling is doing for me.

  86. Hello Pam. I just love your art journaling. I like art journaling because it gives me the opportunity to express my filling not only with words but also with drawing.
    Unfortunately in Slovenia this kind of art is not very known so I have to get all the info and inspiration in foreign web sides.

  87. What do I love about art journalling
    – working through the things going on in my life
    – the time that disappears while I am in that wonderful ‘creative zone’
    – creating something especially the belief in myself that I am able to do art!
    – all the yummy art supplies!!!
    All the best to you on your birthday Pam

  88. The thing I like most about art journaling is that everyone has their own style and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Pam Crusberg
    pcrusberg at aol dot com

  89. Your new DVD looks wonderful and I would love to win one! I love art journaling because I am free to try new things without worrying about making mistakes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. I watched a couple of your on-line videos and was so inspired that I have started art journalling – I love it. It has given me the freedom to create without pressure or expectations and enjoy the process. I would love to win your draw as I am still finding my way and trying to experiment with all kinds of techniques and mediums. Happy Birthday!

  91. Hi Pam, my daughter who is 12, and I have just completed your course on the Strathmore site, it was amazing and we just want to learn more. Your dvd would be so much fun and we will definetely be inspired by it. My email address is Would love to win.

  92. I am continually blown away by your generosity. Thank you for sharing your art, and ideas with the rest of us!

  93. i love being able to escape from pain and stress by going up to my “art womb” to work in my journals ; journaling really helps to put my mind in a peaceful zone–I WANT TO WIN !!! enjoying your book…

  94. I always complain to my husband that when he practices music, all the notes just drift away – unlike art, when I practice painting, I have a pile of rather bad paintings! Art journaling allows me to practice using all different products and mediums with satisfying results. No editor, just process and surprises. Best wishes!

  95. trying out new techniques, tests, experiments and notes to go with them. I also like using scraps from other projects (paper towels used to clean up paints) in new ways. I just gotta get to the journalling part now that I have a bunch of backgrounds done…. still new at this.

  96. I love art journaling because there is never really a mistake. Just continue with another layer. Your snippet looks super. I love your laid back manner. Thanks for this new DVD. Virginia

  97. I have journalled in a linear way since I was 12. It’s always been about the words for me. Visual journalling has opened up an entire new vista within myself. There are still words . . . I can’t give them up entirely, but it has given me a new vocubulary. Still growing and growing . . . .

  98. I love art journaling because I am free to try new things, make mistakes, and express myself freely. It’s a place to unload and revive and recharge.

  99. Pam, Love, love, love your tutorials and techniques. I am fairly new at journal making and appreciate the chance to win. I purchased your book and took your Strathmore Journal workshop; I find it exciting to start with a blank canvas and before you know it you have a masterpiece; things just fall into place.

  100. What a great preview of your DVD – congratulations!

    I love art journalling because it opened my eyes to how I can incorporate so many of the bits and pieces from my life into my art.

    Your book, Art at the Speed of Life is one of my most used creative resources. Thanks for never failing to inspire.

  101. My favorite thing about art journaling is the relaxed and happy feeling I get when I am deep into creating a page. Definately a feel good activity for me!
    Thanks for the chance to win your new DVD. It looks great!

  102. This is so exciting, Pam! Your DVD sounds wonderful. I love your journaling style. Art journaling is so interesting to me. It reaches us on multiple levels, both in our minds and hearts. To see an art journal is to really see the person making it.

  103. Happy Birthday Pam,

    I have been exploring mixed media over the past couple of years. I recently bought your book and am eager to begin. Art journalling is new for me but ooooh…. the possibilities. You have inspired me to challenge myself and create.

  104. Not sure if my comment went thru???….Oh well Happy Birthday for next week Pam!…I love/adore your work …I have your book (all the way down here in New Zealand :-)… Im new to Art Journaling but loved the demo Dvd …learnt so much just in those short few minutes!… Random Generator Pick me pick me …lol…x

  105. I work in my Art Journal every morning. Often times before coffee, Fresh out of bed and in pjs. I find my time in my art journal both meditative and transitional. Sometimes my dreams come out, sometimes surprises come out. I never know what is going to happen. It is an intuitive process. It is a meditative process. It is that quiet time I spend before I brave the day, it prepares me for what is ahead and I feel complete when I have spent time there.

  106. Being an English major and a writer, it took me a while to figure out art journaling, but I think that I am getting the hang of it. It is about all those pictures in your head – ones that you might develop further, ones you just want to remember and ones that you have only a glimpse of. It is looking with an artist’s eye at the world around you and making a record, a personal record of what speaks to you. Thanks for helping me to get where I am.

  107. I love art journaling because it is my very own art therapy. And it is so rewarding on so many levels

  108. Hi Pam,
    Happy Birthday for next week!…I love/admire your work….I have your book(all the way down here in New Zealand)…I would love to win your DVD as I’m new to journaling but learnt so much just from your snippet of the above Demo! …Pick me pick me 🙂 x

  109. I love the ability to get things out in pictures that I sometimes don’t have words for – I’m a therapist and like to share art journaling as a tool with my clients! I’ve had a lot of success with people being able to express themselves! Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. I love that feeling of accomplishment – when I have brought forth a page that never existed before. It’s like nothing else on this planet! Thanks for the chance to win one of your DVD’s!!!

  111. I love collage and cutting out letters to make art with my art Journaling, sharing on my blog and with family and friends , trying new color palettes and techniques, and the satisfaction of either finishing or not finishing what I started!

  112. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love all the different styles and colours and opportunities to paint.

  113. Art journaling is a new way of whimsy for me. There’s no right or wrong. I can be sporadic and do whatever I feel like at the moment, not what I want to look good tomorrow or go with another project. Just here and now.

  114. Journaling allows me to do art every day even if I only have five minutes to spare. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

  115. I would love to be the winner…You are my inspiration! I want to be able to journal without all the restrictions I put on myself!

  116. Art journaling lets you express yourself any way you like. And because it’s your art journal, you don’t have to show anyone. You can if you want to but don’t have to. It’s the most fun you can have with a piece of paper!

  117. I love art journaling because there’s no wrong way to do it and lots of lovely ways to play. I still write way too much though! Thanks for having a giveaway. Are these available now?

  118. I love art journaling because it’s just for myself, and I feel like a kid again playing with colors and textures. It also gives life to my written comment no matter how boring. Your demos are exactly what I look for in instruction! Thank-you.

  119. i would love to have one! i don’t have a working art journal, i just draw pretty faces. i am in awe of your techniques and style. seeing your artwork inspires me to give it a try…having your dvd would give me that extra push because it will be easy to refer to it. thanks for the giveaway! you are the best

  120. Hello Pam! You have been my inspiration for art journaling and I don’t even remember now how I first found you! I have taken two courses from you already and I love your techniques and styles. For me, art journaling is a way to inspire more of my life into three dimensional living rather than living in my head most of the time. When I am creating an art journaling page, it is so much more expressive than if I were to write my thoughts and feelings and sentiments. I feel it is a testament to my life and how I live ‘outloud’ and creatively. My life is changing in amazing ways since I’ve welcomed the notion of art journaling! Thank you! Ellen (UK)

  121. I like that it’s a chance to try new things without caring if other people will see it. I can be me, raw, try stuff, fail. It’s all OK.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. It looks to be a fun workshop. Great giveaway. Thanks. I really enjoyed your segment on the Strathmore series!

  123. What do I love about art journaling? What’s not to love? lol! Collage, mixed media, paint, stamps, writing…and the chance to play! It combines a lot of forms of self-expression. 🙂 Would love to win the DVD. Thanks for the chance.

  124. Wowie I would love to win this! As a single mother by choice – adopting two beautiful daughters from China – life is challenging and often friends and family don’t seem to understand how much being sole provider and sole caregiver as well as educator since we homeschool can engulf one life, leaving little left over for anyone else. Art journaling is a way to express the emotions of a sometimes lonely and difficult road as well as the joys of finding fulfillment as a mother – art as therapy! janschop @

  125. Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to do art journaling for a long time now, but needed a starter push when staring at that blank white page. To me, it would seem to free the soul in a much more personal way.

  126. oooooo…i have been waiting for this one! I love that art journaling is something “i” do…my kids and hubby have their hobbies and things they do and art journaling is helping me find who i am and what my thing is!

  127. I like art journaling because it is a safe place to try out things and a place that I can always keep track of how far I’ve come in my art!

  128. Hi Pam, Happy Birthday for the 27th… and how exciting to read of a giveaway of your work today!! What I love about art journaling is the creativity, and the inner peace that happens – my mind is quiet, I don’t worry, and time seems to expand. I start with a blank page and then I delight in the results that arise from seemingly random collages.

  129. What i like that i have feared is actually starting the lettering and then the final touches that really give that page punch. Thanks Pam!

  130. Wonderful giveaway! Congrats on the dvd release, I know it will be great. I love art journalling because it gives me a place to play, experiment, and learn.

  131. To be totally honest, I have never tried art journaling before, but I would love to eventually try it. I have seen others work, and I enjoy what I see. I love any kind of art that is different. 🙂 Francine

  132. Pam,

    Art Journaling engages the right brain, and it opens a complementary portal into different perspectives or interpretations of experiences or opinions. I would love to win your DVD……


  133. Art journaling allowed me to combine my love for words and images to share a story. Pam, I have your book Art at the Speed of Life and would love to add your dvd to my collection.

  134. I love art journaling because you can write what you have to get out and then cover up as much or little as you want.

  135. I’ve made greeting cards to give away for years and had nothing to show for it. I love art journaling now so that I can keep this artwork and enjoy it forever as well as experiment and play. So fun! Thanks for your wonderful journaling ideas!

  136. Just beginning to get into art journaling….think it will be great fun and a good way to build my own creativity. I want to use it to tie together all of the things I love. And i think it would be a wonderful thing to do to give to friends to show them some of what they mean to me.

  137. Congrats on this Pam. The preview looks great. For me art journaling is the one place that I can express myself in both words and images and therefore bring together both sides of my creative process.

  138. Oh please enter me- I already have your book and love it!

    As for art journaling, I love the way that I can express myself freely and go wild with colors and techniques. As well, it’s always a learning process about myself and what lies underneath. It’s my own type of yoga:) Mixed media is my thing.

    Here is my art blog:

    and my history blog (I have a few Giveaways going on as well- pls come check out) :

    and email:


  139. Oh, the possibilities. Just to be able to learn something from you… Pam, would enlighten my day! You are one top notch artist. I have really enjoyed watching you grow thru the years. I have my fingers, my toes and my eyes crossed…I know I can, I know I can, Win, Win, Win!!!!!!

  140. I love art journaling because it allows me to pair writing and art — my 2 favorite creative things to do! Thank you for your generous giveaway offer of your DVD. I hope that Random Number Generator is kind to me because I love your style and would love to own it! Should I win please contact me at

  141. I can’t wait to watch your video. I love how art journaling helps me cope with strong feelings with my job and process feelings that I know are there but can’t identify.

  142. What a great give away Pam. I love to art journal because it gives me a chance to experiment and not worry about the final outcome. It does not matter if the page is finished or remains a work in progress. And probably most importantly it is a record for myself and my family in the future.
    Thanks again Pam for the give away and for your fabulous creations and teaching.

  143. Well, for me art journaling is pure joy of free expressing feelings…I love colors, papers, colage…art supplies and art workshops, all that fit in my art journal 🙂
    Pam, you are so talented and successful artist – congratulations for new DVD 🙂

  144. Congratulations Pam on the release of your DVD! I love your color combinations and your loose freestyle!
    This DVD would be a great addition to my library!
    So random generator pick my #! ;~)

  145. Hi Pam,
    It is because of you that I began to use an art journal. It has taken practice to do it frequently and “say” whatever I am feeling in it.
    I love looking back on what I’ve written and drawn.
    Thanks for a chance to have you (via the DVD) here with me 🙂
    Happy Birthday to you!

  146. Congratulations Pam on the release of your DVD! This would be a great addition to my library of DVD’s. I love the color combos that you use and I also love the loose freestyle….
    Random generator pick my #!

  147. Mine came in the mail today also, so guess what I’ve been doing this afternoon! I absolutely LOVE the DVD. Lots of new creative techniques and supplies to try. Sharon Pendergraft

  148. Congrats to you! Would love to be in your drawing. The best part about journaling is that it enables me to express myself in ways I haven’t been able to do on a canvas. Much more spontaneous, less rigid, easier to take more risks and experiment!!

  149. How wonderful of you to give your fans a gift on YOUR birthday! 🙂 Art journaling, to me, is a way to express myself without feeling I need to have a “correct composition” or conform to any art ‘rules’. I have an art degree that sometimes gets in the way of freeing myself to just have fun, if you know what I mean. LOL! I am in the process of going through your book “Art at the Speed of Life” & your dvd would be a wonderful addition. Thank you so much for this chance & have an amazing birthday!

  150. Art Journaling is something I have to do as often as I can. It lets me be creative, try out new techniques and by journaling I can leash my inner soul! Added bonus it helps me with stress relief…..

  151. What I love about art journaling is that it combines 2 facets of my heart-art and words. So I feel that I am getting my feelings down on the paper in those two different ways and I feel it more intensely captures my heart. It just feels truer somehow.

    Also it feels more like play than canvases or other surfaces, so there is less pressure and it is just pure delight!

    Our anniversary is July 26, and Aurélien’s immigration interview here in Paris is July 27, so I guess I’m just feeling like it’s serendipity!!! Happy Birthday Pam!

  152. So many things I love about art journaling, the colors the randomness of words, collage and stamps. I like not having to write anything profound and yet often times I do. I love having many pages filled with my thoughts and dreams and experiences. Oh, and I love how I surprise myself with my ability to create lovely imagery. thanks for this opportunity to play.

  153. I love art journaling because it is about experimenting … no pressure to “perform” or “produce” … so it becomes a haven for new ideas, new materials, old ideas revisited in new ways and a place to create just for yourself where it is okay to “fail” while learning if something works for you or not.

  154. Ohhh, would be so fun to win this! Art journaling helps me get reconnected with the inside bits that sometimes feel lost or forgotten… PLUS i get to play with fun colors and embellishments etc… what’s not to love?! Thanks!! 🙂

  155. Pam, I would love the win this DVD. I am new to journaling and your class is the first I have ever taken and now I am hooked. I love the go with the flow of your mind art. I will be taking more classes. Your talent is wonderful and I want to absorb as much as I can. This new journey is great.

  156. I love the look and freedom of art journaling. I am very new to this and just learning how to put it all together. I appreciate your instruction!

  157. What a great chance to win a wonderful DVD. I love art journaling because of the wonderful release it gives me. Experiment away!

  158. Oh pick me! Pick me! What is NOT to like/love about art journaling? you can create beautiful works to show someone (well YOU can… lol) or something ugly to match your mood. Write it out or draw it out or paint it out. Whatever it takes. It keeps me sane!

  159. I’ve done art journaling in my daybook everything journal and would like to now separate my art out from that one and start a journal specifically for art… art journaling is freeing in that it can be as private or public as I want, stifling that inner critic of mine.

  160. First of all this book Rocks!!! Going to give it to my best friend for her birthday in Aug.

    Art journaling helps me access and realize things about myself I never would have discovered. I learn how little I truly know myself and how much I let myself get distracted by such unimportant things and so easily. It’s like I’m afraid to know too much about me.

    Art journaling is a gentle safe place to unfold myself.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  161. Hi Pam
    I love the way an art journal can focus floating idea and practical application – not really having to worry about perfection at all.
    Each layer of meaning and exploration can reveal a new and exciting visual picture, without really knowing how it will end.
    And it is fun!!
    Thanks Pam
    Chrissie lancaster

  162. Journaling has helped me discover who I am. I have learned so much about myself, who I am NOT, and who I might like to become. While I work in my journal even if art or writing I am growing. I am new to the journal world as of 4 months! I love it. Congrats on a great DVD.

  163. what I love about art journaling? that does not have any rules, not any steps that you should follow, so it gives you the chance to just relax and enjoy the moment and as Karen just said, the freedom that gives you, to use any media, any paper, any thing you have near you..I’m new to journaling art, I found it just months ago when I arrived to the US and I don’t know how I could had live before without it, now I just can’t stop myself from doing it, and all of this thanks to all the inspiring people like you, that share with us your beatiful style and art. Thanks!

  164. I think that the thing I love most about art journaling is that I get to take an imaginary trip. I can go to a place as beautiful and loving as I can imagine, someplace fun and adventurous, or someplace scary. No matter what it is I am thinking about, I have a way to put it out there and not have to spread it around to all of the people I care about.

    I love your art, and I would love to see your tips and tricks to communicate what is inside to the page.

  165. Your dvd looks beautiful! Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy!! I love art journaling because I feel free to create just for myself. I don’t have to worry about what anyone will think and I can put all of myself in my pages. I also love experimenting and using new products or products in different ways. Everything about art journaling is wonderful and freeing!!

  166. What I totally like is that there are no mistakes. Whatever does not work can be covered up and be a new possibility. It is very soothing to art journal, I have only done it for a couple of months, but it has become a daily thing to do. Loving it all the way! It brings back my inner child that had been smothered by abusive grown ups, now I am coming back to life again!

  167. dear pam! i love everything about art journaling. i like that i start with a blank page and a stack of goodies and it is a mystery how it will end up! thank you for this giveaway. don’t know how lucky i’ll be, being the first to comment. hope the random number is #1!! xo carlanda

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