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They’re here! I can’t believe it, my first line of stamps are in my hands!!! And I’m so excited about these because they will take stamping into a whole new, artistic direction!

I love when things work together, coinciding at the perfect time. I know it’s not a coincidence, and am so thankful for the opportunity. Through a rather interesting chain of events, (I’ll be sharing a podcast interview with Rice Freeman-Zachery about this soon) I was lead to one such opportunity-developing a line of products, that are new and innovative, and work in perfect unison with my desire for my line of Sketch Stamps!

Derivan Liquid Pencil is a product I’ve used in articles and in my book, and I’m so excited to have been invited to co create a new line of user-friendly products that will make this fantastic medium applicable to many more aspects of mixed media art. I will also be sharing the stamps and the new products in my only new online workshop for 2011! Stay tuned for Crescendoh updates on this.

This large set of stamps will be part of the class kit!

Which brings me to another adventure! Cortona Italy 2012-Liquid Sketching with me! I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to this and to sharing art with a small group as we travel around Cortona!  If you are interested in finding out more, please click the above link to see the fabulous itinerary we have planned! I can’t think of a more enriching experience than sharing a love of art, journaling, and travel with fellow artists.

If you haven’t checked out the Create Mixed Media website yet I encourage you to do so! Lot’s of great articles, podcasts, and Artist Profiles. I’m honored to be the current artist profiled and would love it if you stopped by to leave a comment!

Well, that’s enough of what’s going on for now, believe it or not, there’s even more! I’ll share when I can and thank you all for the encouraging comments and support! I’m so excited to bring you new things and continuing to share the love of art we all have in common.


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