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I’m very excited to announce that my book is being launched with a Blog Tour! Each day for the next couple of weeks there will be a different stop and you will be able to see some amazing websites and blogs, many of them from the contributors from my book!

The tour starts tomorrow with Jenny Doh.  Please be sure to stop by Jenny’s blog to put your name in the hat to win a copy of my book, admission to my latest (and only new online workshop for 2011) featuring MY NEW LINE OF PORTRAIT SKETCH STAMPS!!

The full line of these stamps will be available in the Shop at Crescendoh, and the class kit will include two of these in a large size especially developed for the workshop!

We will use the stamps to learn to draw and paint faces using mediums you might not normally use, learning to mix colors, sketch, shade, and draw your own faces. The really cool thing about these stamps is that you can continue on with what you learn in class and use them to develop your own style of portraits!

All you have to do is leave Jenny a comment and she will pick a name on March 5th!!

This is a picture of my first visit to Stampington & Co. I cannot even tell you what it felt like to see my name on Jenny’s white board that day. I was in awe of her energy, enthusiasm and utter professionalism while remaining open, approachable and friendly. Jenny inspires me to keep moving forward without fear. Bouncing ideas around with her makes me realize that you aren’t ever ‘done’, you just keep moving ahead to the next thing, big or small. It’s the forward motion that gets those creative juices bubbling. I can’t thank her enough for providing opportunities for artists to share their love of art with others. So take a minute and pop on over to her blog and check out all the exciting things she has going on!

Art at the Speed of Life Blog Tour

Jenny Doh

Suzi Blu

Seth Apter

Suzan Buckner

Sue Pelletier

All Norah’s Art

Lisa Kettell

Nancy Lefko

Chrysti Hydeck

Lisa Bebi

Jodi Ohl

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Dawn Edmonson

Paulette Insall

March 15

Julie Bergman


Gail Schmidt

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