Page Du Jour #29

I’m still working on today’s page, sometimes the words don’t come to me right off, so I’ll leave this out as I do other work and when the right ones come to mind I’ll add them in.

Here are some of the past few days pages that I finished while traveling. It really helps to prep several pages ahead and then you can travel with just a nice assortment of pens and have fun adding text and details while on the go!

I’m thinking of having the pages from this month made into a little book

By working on these faces every day, I’ve gotten pretty quick at my little draw/paint method for creating them which is key for journaling. I only use two colors of paint and my dauber bottles to paint them. A sketch can be turned into a ‘painting’ in about 5-10 minutes. This technique is part of what I’ll be teaching at Art and Soul.

I love looking through this journal and feeling motivated by the words on the pages. Using words that are meaningful to you is also key in journaling!

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