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I finally got my contributors copy of Somerset Workshop! As I looked through the 30 some pages of my article I was instantly taken back to that insanely crazy time last year when I’d just met my book deadline and then launched into a frenzy-filled few weeks working on this project, even asking for an extended deadline (something I never do).  What I learned was the more you’re creating the more creative you get.

I would have thought after doing all of the projects for the book, coming up with an additional 5 for Somerset Workshop would be really hard. What I found was the more I was immersed in creative work the more creatively alive I felt.

Creativity grows the more you use it. We all hit those dry spells once in awhile, but the best thing I’ve found to get me through them is by ‘doing’. Get out your paints, and make something. Maybe you won’t like it. Make another. Keep going until you get those creative juices flowing and then stay creative by making art in some form everyday.

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