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Well most of my artist friends know Jenny Doh, former editor in chief for Stampington & Co,and you probably also know that grass doesn’t grow under her feet! She is always forging the way to bigger and better things and Crescendoh’s no exception! Today she’s unveiling her latest venture, Crescendoh’s Creative Lab, a new site for online workshops. When Jenny first called me about this ( on my birthday no less-the girls got timing!) I knew it was something I wanted to be part of. Crescendoh is deeply committed to helping others and part of the proceeds from these workshops will go to furthering that cause. Teaching is one of those things that is a gift in itself, and to be able to give on multiple levels, doing the very thing I love most, is something that leaves me pinching myself often! I thought seeing my name on Jenny’s white board back in ’09 was the thrill of my artistic dreams, but one lesson I’m learning is that you don’t reach one goal and stop, you keep going forward, that’s the ‘Art’ of living ‘Art at the Speed of Life’. So I’m thrilled to announce that October 8th my workshop ‘An Angel’s Anthology’ will open on Crescendoh- Creative Lab.

So be sure to stop by, check out the amazing line up of teachers and classes, and wish Jenny well on her new venture!

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