New Work!

I finally took a little time to create some new paintings. Life has been so full and busy, but sometimes you just have to set aside time to paint. ‘Expecting’ rendered on a 12 x 24 canvas, was inspired by my the expected arrival of my grandson. We had the baby shower and I was overwhelmed with remembered feelings of expectation as the birth time draws near.

The three little birds tucked into her arm represent my children, while the downcast eyes reflect the memory of carrying each of them safely in my womb until they were ready to meet the world.

This is my second Etsy listing, a 12 x 24 canvas called ‘Heart Strings’. The open door shows a bit of my heart leaving as my oldest two children set out on their own, but I still keep my heart on a string, close to me forever.

I also wanted to remind everyone that there are only 3 DAYS LEFT to register for VISUAL JOURNALISM 101, SHADES OF GREY, and PURSUING PORTRAITS. Once registration closes these classes won’t open back up so be sure to sign up soon if you’re interested. The materials and videos for these workshops will be up and available for 1 YEAR so everyone will have ample time to complete the lessons.

Hope your summer is going well friends!

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