I love working towards a goal. It invigorates and inspires me to try new things.

One of my goals this year is to try to work in more live teaching venues. I have a couple in the works, one local and one abroad, more on that one later!

There is one though that is a long time desire. To teach at Artfest. It’s literally right in the backyard of my old stomping grounds. Port Townsend is a short drive from my parents who now live year round at the place we went every summer.

So I’m working on my proposal and I’m excited with the progress so far of the techniques I’ve been combining and experimenting with. This is part of the thrill that comes with creating art. You can continually come up with new and exciting ways to use different mediums and apply them to your style of art.

What are your goals this year? Have you started working towards them? Have you said them out loud? When you give them voice you’re more accountable and more likely to see them realized.

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