By now we’ve pretty much rung the New Year in. Waking up late, relaxing and just enjoying the last holiday of the season is all that this day requires, except for those pesky New Years Resolutions.

Everyone has different feelings on whether to make them or not. I myself have made them or not at various times in my life. As I get older I value the extra push they give me that helps drive me towards accomplishing my goals and towards becoming a better person.

It’s also a great time to look back on the resolutions made last year. Seeing things you’ve accomplished and those you’re still working on, motivates and inspires you to continue your journey.

It’s been a busy, family filled holiday season and tomorrow the Christmas decorations will be coming down, getting carefully packed away for next year and the house will get a shiny New Year cleaning. Come Monday my kids will either be in their own home, or back in school and I will be buried in my studio working on finishing my goal for last year, getting a book published. Some goals (dreams) take more than one year to accomplish but that shouldn’t stop us from going after them! Dream BIG in 2010.

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  1. Pam I have missed stopping by I have been very busy DARN! I know you will get a book published.Your work is always so inspiring.XXXBecky

  2. Glad Tidings from Ireland. I've enjoyed visiting your blog. Your art work is lovelyHappy new Year to You & YoursRainey

  3. I seldom leave comments on blog because, well I frankly just forget to. But, I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful classes. Because of them I was able to published for the first time in Art journaling. Your techniques are wonderful and your willingness to share is lovely. I am looking forward to your new book. Enjoy the journey of creating on this new adventure.

  4. Love this journal entry. I'm so inspired to start. Many congratulations on your book. I can't wait to get it! I know it will inspire me to dream big…

  5. happy new year pam! good things are in store for you and i couldn't be happier for you. my resolution this year, while i don't make them often, is to be "more fit". i giggle as i write that because it's so generalized and it took me a long time to come up it that way so avoid all the pressure that goes along with it! haha does doing the wii count?

  6. I'm a list maker by nature so setting a goal list for the New Year is actually something I look forward to. Like you, I value looking back at what I've accomplished, much of which wouldn't be possible if I didn't set some goals for myself or give myself something to shoot for. I do better when they are written down. I love your new page, the painted over black background makes the colors even more vibrant! All the best for the New Year!

  7. Sounds like a perfect holiday and beginning to me. I want normal, no drama, for 2010, peace of mind, lots of inspiration and time to create without a care in the world. I'm going to give it my best shot!xxxooo

  8. While I'm not much of a resolution maker, I did last set a goal last year… and happily I achieved it! But as of yet, I'm still contemplating this years goal. Here's to all of us creating the lives we want in 2010! Happy New Year!

  9. It's so important to have those dreams and equally so to have friends who encourage you along the way. Thank you for your unending encouragement and friendship.Beautiful journal page, by the way 🙂

  10. take what controversial people say with a grain of salt. My Momma always said:"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"

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