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Here is the sample self portrait that I will be teaching at Inspirational Retreat in April. We will spend the first day working in the journals I provide, playing with drawing, mixed media techniques, and symbolism, getting comfortable in our own skin and then on the second day we will create a personal piece on canvas that will include a little shrine of the things we hold dear.

It’s a little hard to tell in this picture, but behind the optical lens is a precious little birds egg shell. The little birdie is long gone and this so speaks to how I feel about my own ‘birdies’ leaving the nest.
I’ve been asked if this is the same as my online Pursuing Portraits workshop and it is an extension of that, taking it to the next level putting into practice what I teach online. I will go into much more detail about different techniques I use to paint portraits.
The mail lady brought my advance copies of Cloth Paper Scissors which includes an article on Liquid Pencil, a fabulous product that is tons of fun to play with! I hope you give it a try. You can see an additional piece of work I did with it here.

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  1. Pam the minute I saw the little dancer in CPS I knew it was yours!!! It's awesome, and I have to get that liquid pencil…I so enjoy all your articles and all your art…you roc my dear friend!!!Bevie

  2. Hello Pam,It's a small world afterall…I received an invite to participate in an art exchange. I happily agreed to this and today I made my piece to send to the name at the top of the list- your name. I wrapped it up and put it in a flat mailer to mail out to you tomorrow. Then tonight I went to Borders to get my new issue of Somer Set Studio and there in the letters to the editor is your name again besides some awesome envelope art. It was rather sureal for me to me to see your name there tonight after just today seeing it for the first time – anyway…I'll be sending out your art tomorrow! all the best,Elizabeth http://www.allthingspaper.comlove your art, but the way!

  3. my cloth paper scissors magazine arrived yesterday afternoon. congratulations on your article! great great job. i'm so proud of you!

  4. That will be such a great piece to work with/on!! I am thinking about coming to your class in April!! Will let you know.HugsSueAnn

  5. Pam, I received my copy of CPS the other day and always check the Table of Contents first to see which one of my "sisters" is published…..immediately turned to your pages and WOW….what gorgeous work 🙂 Can't wait to settle down with the mag and read the article. Love this portrait work, too….won't that retreat be grand ? Ahhhhh….

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