Art Journaling, it’s here!

It finally arrived, Somerset’s latest edition of Art Journaling! And it’s just as jammed packed with eye candy, techniques and tips as the inaugural issue. I have only done a quick glance through, waiting for some quiet time to digest each article.

I am very excited to have two articles featured, one on ‘Background Basics’ and the other on my ‘Shades of Gray’ journal.

When I think back to the first issue I remember all of the excitement of being asked to share my journals, and during that time starting my online workshops.
Sharing a personal glimpse into my inner creative being is a little daunting, but the rewards for doing so are numerous. Every time I hear from someone that they are now addicted to journaling it makes my heart smile.

This is something to do for yourself. It is art made from the heart for your heart. Being creative purely for the sake of being creative. People don’t have to like it, it isn’t made to be sold, it simply ‘is’.

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