The Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas, Act 2

I have so many things to share with you! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas has begun their own Blog!! We will be sharing in a sisterly fashion, all about our art journeys and include information about where we are going, what we are doing, glimpses into our art and personal lives, and lots of artsy goodies along the way. This blog will be all about sharing our love of Art and each other. We hope our little community will inspire you to create your own little communities, to share in the joys and sorrows of an artistic life.

The first order of business over there is to begin spreading the word about our contribution to aid the fight against Breast Cancer. We have joined The Pink Team and offered up the lovely canvas AND the journal that are featured in the current Somerset Studio! They will be raffled off in a very cool way. This cause has become near and dear to my heart as my step mom was diagnosed right at printing time of our article. It was our intent to auction the work and journal off for a charity right from the start, but when I shared with my sisters of my step mom’s diagnosis, they stepped right up to the plate and agreed to donate our proceeds to this worthy cause.

We would so love to have you stop by our fledgling blog and follow our journey right from the start. We will be including a post showing the never before seen pictures of the canvas in progress with some thoughts from the participants.

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  1. beautiful!!! love the idea and love the idea…keep it up…i look forward to moving along the path with you…lorri-marie

  2. Pam…thank you deeply for all the beautiful ways you inspire the love of art in all of us… and to inspire through giving and giving and more giving… it is such a wonderful example you provide… your portrait workshop is proving to be a truly wonderful and amazing personal journey, and now i can't wait to click through to see some more on the new blog… your art is always so lovely… your heart even lovelier…

  3. Super idea! Beautiful painting!Please come to my blog I am having a pendant giveaway. It is one of my wooden pendants with my art in it. Custom made isn't it fun!Flor

  4. Well silly me, I got in a hurry last night and guess I didn't link the pics-lol! They are all linked up now:-)

  5. What a fabulous idea and I love the title. I visited the blog and saw the WIP to the finish. Amazing and wonderful!!HugsSueAnn

  6. This is wonderful. I simply love the art you posted. I hope this will inspired people to help our community in our own little ways.

  7. This is a wonderful idea! Supporting different organization by offering art canvas is a clever way of helping our community. Keep this act up “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas “and may Gog Bless these canvases though it’s journey.

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